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Trichotillomania therapy

Quitting hair pulling – It can be done!

In this very personal interview someone we helped shares how she suffered from Trichotillomania for many years. Through many disappointments over time in trying to quite pulling, either on her own and with professional help, it kind of felt impossible to her that freeing herself from this behavior was possible. But after speaking to me…

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How do you know it’s really possible for me to change through trichotillomania therapy? A LITTLE KNOWN SECRET!

Changing through thrichotillomania therapy, how does this work? Getting Better provides treatment for trichotillomania with a guarantee. Find out how we can help you to stop pulling out your hair. When you are interested to learn how to stop hair pulling, you may want to know that we get this question from many of our…

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WHAT I LEARNED from getting professional trichotillomania treatment that really changed my life for the better!

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How to create a breakthrough from hair pulling in less than 3 hours!

Special notice: This post is not only meant to educate you on practical behavior psychology, but train you as well on how to change your behavior if you suffer from Trichotillomania. It´s all about creating breakthrouhs in your life in 3 easy steps. These are the forces that together can massively change any and every aspect of…

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The first challenges after trichotillomania therapy and having learned how to stop hair pulling!

trichotillomania treatment challenge

How to stop hair pulling? Treatment for Trichotillomania provides therapy. Blog post by someone who overcame the urge for pulling out hair with help and now inspires others to overcome this too. Hair picking had been a big part of my life and the first challenges after the completion of the trichotillomania therapy were already…

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Trichotillomania therapy and realizing the ´impossible´ dream (part 1)

Very soon now we are going live with the trichotillomania treatment webinar I pre-announced last week. In this blog post I like to expend upon the topic of your subconscious / unconscious mind and learning to overcome Trichotillomania. To give you some more background information and prepare for the webinar.   Trichotillomania therapy  – the…

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How to get rid of this hair pulling dilemma once and for all!

If you suffer from the urge of pulling out hair and are looking for treatment of Trichotillomania, then this article is for you! Because I am sharing something here from someone I helped this week that you may recognize to be true for yourself as well. When I first heard about this principle, it kind…

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How to stop hair pulling? – The philosphy behind effective long lasting trichotillomania therapy!

If there is one question that is often asked of us at treatment for trichotillomania then it is this one? How can you help me stop pulling out my hair? How do you do that, what is your approach for effective and long losting trichotillomania therapy? A question that I like to address in this…

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VIDEO: How we came up with the unique approach to help people stop pulling out hair!

Are you pulling out your hair and don’t want to? The team of treatment for trichotillomania can help you via trichotillomania therapy or an online program that comes with a satisfaction guarantee! Many people who requested trichotillomania treatment over the years always loved a particular story I told them. The remarkable story how I ended…

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VIDEO: How your brain is sometimes working against you with trichotillomania! (how to stop hair pulling continued …)

Learning how to stop hair puling has a lot to do with changing unconscious conditioned behavior. Getting Better facilitates people with this to help them overcome the urge for pulling out hair. In the previous blog post about trichotillomania therapy unraveled, how to stop hair pulling, I raised the question whether trichotillomania is the cause…

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