Most people with Trichotillomania follow an approach for learning to overcome this that is simply not effective! Helping you discover how & where to change your current approach for a more effective approach is what this consultation session is all about.

How to stop hair pulling? 10 Steps for effective trichotillomania therapy!I am so pleased to let you know that we already had the privilege to help people overcome Trichotillomania in quite some countries, like the USA, Spain, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Recently some people asked us what the program to free yourself from Trichotillomania that I have been communicating about entails. So I have dedicated a special page, giving you early private access to our success formula with an overview of the 10 critical steps that all our clients go through!

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Rik van Bastelaar is the initiator and founder of Treatment for Trichotillomania - Getting Better to whom this website belongs. His personal mission is to empower people with insights and techniques that allow them to improve the quality of their lives and manifestations. This topic of human potential has always intrigued him and caused him to travel the world to be trained by some of the finest experts in the field of human behavior. To learn from them personally before establishing Treatment for Trichotillomania. Through which he supports people to stop pulling their hair out and get their life back. For more professional background info on Rik and his colleagues you can visit his profile page or the international team page.