Most people with Trichotillomania follow an approach for learning to overcome this that is simply not effective! Helping you discover how & where to change your current approach for a more effective approach is what this consultation session is all about.

Help on discovering how to stop hair pulling. Read this blogpost from the team of treatment for trichotillomania – Getting Better to discover how this lesson can assist you on your path to freedom.


How to stop hair pulling INSPIRATION ON YOUR PATH TO FREEDOMWhen you want to make progress next year and find a trichotillomania treatment that works, this blog post may inspire you on your path to freedom.

But first on behalf of the whole team of treatment for trichotillomania – Getting Better I wish you and all your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and an inspiring 2013.

And even more importantly, a fantastic day for each day that will follow in your life. May you live each day as your last day and do what you really want and works well FOR YOU, independent of the good opinion of others.


Trichotillomania Treament and making the right choices!

Trichotillomania Treament and making the right choices!An important question to ask yourself with regards to trichotillomania treatment is if the urge for pulling out hair is hapening outside of you or if it is the result of how you deal with things in your life (continued below once logged in).

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