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What Our Customers Have to Say

  •  Irene Irene
    Before when asked  I had told that overcoming Trichotillomania would be kind of heaven for me. Well, with great pride and joy I can let you know that it truly is! No longer having to live with behavior from which you suffer and are deeply ashamed of is a real salvation.
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  • Stephany Stephany
    Rik has an approach that is sincere and to the point. I had expected that I would be difficult, but it was very easy. No messing around or postponing. Just finding out how my brain works, how I think. We did exercises. There was a lot of variety. I felt supported and at ease. Rik made it easy for me.
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  • Lotte Lotte
    Hi Rik! I am doing very well, HAVE NOT PULLED OUT ANY HAIR! The funny part is that on some moments I recently experienced I would definitely pull in the past …. I am no longer preoccupied with having to do this. INCREDIBLE AFTER ALMOST 20 YEARS!!" 1 Month after Breakthrough Session (Had pulled for 20 years before, 3 times each day on average.)
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  • Pam Pam
    Before this program I had struggled for so long and had already tried various forms of cognitive behavioral therapy. Although that helped to become more aware of my behavior, I never managed to overcome the urge for pulling before. But this time I have, thanks to your wonderful program. I really love everything about it. Thank you so much for showing me the way!
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  • Elena Elena
    Hi Rik, I finished the third module yesterday and it´s going very well. One minute I am pulling and the next I feel like I am cured. I really think your program is amazing! !
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  • Jose Jose
    Hi Rik, just wanted to let you know that I am doing very well. HAVE NOT TOUCHED MY HAIR A SINGLE TIME! Thank you so much." 4,5 Months after Breakthrough Session (Had pulled for 15 years before, 30 Times each day on average. ALREADY TRIED PROFESSIONAL HELP IN THE PAST, BUT WAS NEVER ABLE TO STOP FOR MORE THAN A COUPLE OF DAYS BEFORE.)
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What is unique about our specialized help for Trichotillomania?

With over 9 years of specialized expertise for Trichotillomania, we help you change subconscious behavioral processes that are leading with hair pulling.

What is the first important step to help you too?

The first step we recommend to receive treatment for trichotillomania is to answer a couple of important questions that will help to make a good start to overcome this type of behavior.

Winning from Trichotillomania!

Free audio series where we interview people we helped over the years. About personal insights, lessons learned and their best advice for everyone still struggling with this behavior.

Do you make these mistakes with Trichotillomania?

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