“We help people who suffer from Trichotillomania in the convenience and privacy of their own home to quickly and easily learn to overcome hairpulling and get a full life again. Works even if you have been pulling for the last 50 years on all areas where hair grows and have failed with everything you have ever tried.”


About Getting Better for treatment of Trichotillomania

Welcome to this website for treatment of trichotillomania from the team of Getting Better.

Getting Better offers the most effective help to stop hair pulling available today.

Through specialized treatment that is aimed at stopping the behavior. Based on the feedback from many of the people we helped over the years.

And often surprisingly quickly to most of our customers.

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    Hi Rik, just wanted to let you know that I am doing very well. HAVE NOT TOUCHED MY HAIR A SINGLE TIME! Thank you so much."

    4,5 Months after Breakthrough Session


    trichotillomania treatment breakthrough

Clients sharing on our way of helping you

Rose: Like really in a few days it was over
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Rose: You can stop this behavior in a really easy short way
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Julie: It was surprisingly really easy
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Julie Before it was quite stressfull but this time it was all quite easy
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Kristi: It was very easy and very user friendly
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Susan: It's simpler than you think it is
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Clients sharing on our way of helping you that is easy to use and delivers results quickly!
Rose: Like really in a few days it was over
Rose: You can stop this behavior in a really easy short way
Julie: It was surprisingly really easy
Julie Before it was quite stressfull but this time it was all quite easy
Kristi: It was very easy and very user friendly
Susan: It's simpler than you think it is

You see, most people have the impression that for changing behavior like this, you must lay on a coach with a therapist for years and dig deep into your past through conscious insights. This is not how effective change for behavior like hairpulling happens.

More customer recordings can be found on the success stories page of our website.

Just like you started pulling at one specific moment in an instance, so can change happen in an instance.

By studying people who were highly successful in change work for unwanted compulsive behavior and model their approach, we have applied and finetuned that same approach for Trichotillomania. For more than 9 years already.

Helping you in learning how you can become free from this behavior and safe you years of misery, shame and feeling like a lesser person. But instead feel proud and get the most out of yourself and life.

Our assistance heavily focusses on setting you up towards long-term freedom and we are often able to help you create a breakthrough from hair pulling in 2 weeks or less.

And in 9 out of 10 times all in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

All our programs consist of a combination of personal assistance and online support and are backed up with a full satisfaction guarantee. To make it super easy to prove to yourself that you can learn to become free from this behavior too!

So instead of:

  • think of yourself as abnormal and feel ashamed
  • constantly be alert and anxious if people notice or what they may think of you if they find out (which only intensifies the hair pulling)
  • disappointing yourself and feeling bad after you pulled again or when you watch the mirror
  • wasting your precious time, energy and focus on this behavior, by either thinking about it or doing it
  • restricting yourself socially or performance wise with how it makes you feel
  • causing possible friction in relationships by carrying a secret or through misunderstanding, which can start to lead to mistrust
  • setting a bad example towards (future) children or important others

You can again:

  • think of yourself as normal
  • be relaxed and in the present moment
  • feel proud and confident
  • focus your attention and energy on things that matter
  • fully participate in life
  • get the most out of yourself
  • allow for more harmony and intimacy in relationships by feeling much better about yourself
  • be a good role model towards (future) children and important others
  • live a free and full life

How we came up with the unique approach to help you overcome hair pulling

For a quick overview what you´ll learn in the video below (and more), click here.

For info about the approach and what makes it so effective, click here.

First step we recommend to help you free yourself from hair pulling

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About the initiator of Treatment for Trichotillomania

Hello, my name is Rik van Bastelaar, the person who initiated Treatment for Trichotillomania – Getting Better.

Long time ago I realized that training and managing your own mind is the most important skill you could ever own in terms of both happiness and success.

This insight led me to specialize myself how we do behaviour as human beings. Initially with a strong desire to benefit from this myself, but quickly discovering the true calling from my heart:

“assisting others improve the quaillty of their lives and manifestations”.

What I do

As a mental coach & trainer I love helping people improve the quality of their lives by overcoming unwanted / self destruting behavior.

One of these kind of behaviours is compulsive hair pulling, also known as Trichotillomania, Trich or just TTM. In plain words, a behavior where a person will complusively pull out bodily hair.

Why I do this

A person who suffers from compulsive hair pulling will consciously tell him – herself that they do not want to do this, but will continue to do it at the unconscious level.

Having already helped many people in 1 on 1 coaching sessions to overcome Trichotillomania, I always ended up with mixed feelings after another breakthrough.

On the one hand I had a feeling of deep satisfaction for being able to help this person and for the joy and satisfaction they reported afterwards on how their lives had improved as a result.

On the other hand I felt frustration because my energy and attention could only go out to a single individual a time. Because I knew there were still so many more who struggled unnecessarily with this kind of behavior (usually in silence) .

2 Questions were always at the back of my mind:

  • How can I help far more people who suffer from this in a way that would not require my physical presence?
  • How can I share my expertise in human behavior with those who suffer from this and those indirectly involved?

Knowing that trichotillomania is something you can definitely learn to overcome and trusting yourself that you too can move forward to much more personal freedom and a better quality of life is a first important step.

To assist you in this process and ultimately overcome compulsive hair pulling on your own with some remote support I have created this website. But also to share insights from people who already overcame this type of behaviour, so all of us get a better understanding of this topic.

How I got involved in Trichotillomania

If you are interested to find out more how I got involved in Trichotillomania, please read that here.

More about my personal and professional background

If you also want to know a little more about my personal and professional background, please help yourself and read that here.

A life without Trichotillomania: some personal stories of people who already made it!

To inspire you that you too can overcome Trichotillomania and that treatment is possible (rather quickly), click here for some case studies and video testimonials of people who already made it to the promissed land .

How can you find out more / How to connect (it’s easy!)

I sincerely hope that you will find the information on this website useful and look forward to your comments and questions via the contact page.

Or if you are active on any of the social networks, please click on the icons below to connect with me that way too.