How I got involved in helping people with Trichotillomania

A lot of people often ask me if I am a doctor or a genius that I am willing and able to help people overcome Trichotillomania. The answer to both questions is no :(.

I am just a person who is very passionate about getting the best out of life for ourselves and those we love, so I truly emerged myself in developing my coaching and training skills around human behaviour. Because when we learn how to become more effective with our behaviour, we will make all the difference :). Not only for better results, but quite often also for a better quality of life!

Over time I have developed a unique approach that is very effective for helping people with overcoming Trichotillomania. Not because I was looking for it, but simply because when the first person found me and asked for support, the behaviour really intrigued me.

It truly touched my heart that I was able to help this person move ahead in a way that strongly improved the quality of her life. A life free from Trichotillomania.

Forget everything you ever learned about trying to stop, do this instead and you will see results quickly! I thought I would pull for the rest of my life since I had tried a lot in the 39 years before. But this time it was surprisingly easy. Now I feel lighter, happier, more confident and content with my life. If I can do it this way, everybody can do it!

- Julie