Treament for Trichotillomania: Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find an overview of questions that are frequently asked by people looking for treatment for trichotillomania, compulsive hair pulling.

They are listed in random order, so you can easily browse them and review the answers you are most interested in.

If one of your questions is not being addressed, simply contact us and we love to help you further.

Overview of frequently asked questions with treatment for Trichotillomania:

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1. What is unique about your help for Trichotillomania and makes it so effective?

Answer – We help you in learning to steer and transform at the core:

With over 9 years of specialized expertise for Trichotillomania, we help you change subconscious behavioral processes that are leading with hair pulling. In doing so we teach you how to take back control at the core of his behavior, where it all starts. Continue reading here »

2. Which first step do you recommend for getting help?

The first step we recommend to receive treatment for trichotillomania is to answer a couple of important questions that will help to make a good start to overcome this type of behavior. Continue reading here »

3. When is the best timing to do something about trichotillomania?

Deciding wanting to overcome the urge to pull out hair is always a very personal decision.

You will know you´re ready when your desire for a life of freedom from this behavior becomes really intense.

To inspire and help you during this process we have included a list of personal experiences from people who have asked us for support over time.

Read about their experience, in their own words, about the disadvantages (CONS) and advantages (PROS) of suffering from Trichotillomania and of overcoming this. Continue reading here »

4. Is something wrong with me when I suffer from trichotillomania?

When you suffer from trichotillomania and don’t seem able to overcome this on your own, the question that most people ask themselves is: why am I doing this?

Especially because pulling out your own hair causes a lot of misery at the end of the day and consciously you probably already decided that you want to stop with this behavior.

So how is it possible that you keep pulling out your hair while you no longer want to? The answer to the question if something is wrong would you in this remarkable situation is A BIG NO! You are perfectly okay!

All of us as humans are able to create automatic unconscious patterns in our behavior that often have nothing to do with logic but everything with learned conditioned behavior.

If you’re interested to get an extensive explanation about this topic we advise you to register for the free self-help course for better knowledge and understanding about treatment for trichotillomania.

5. Can you send me information how you help people overcome Trichotillomania?

Yes, most certainly! We are proud to let you know that we launched a free self help course for better knowledge and understanding about Trichotillomania – compulsive hair pulling, and cure for it.

With the simple reason that there are many different and unclear opinions about this kind of behavior and how to overcome it.

The self-help course provides answers to fundamental questions, like:

* How is it possible that I keep pulling out my hair against my own will?

* Is something wrong with me if I compulsively pull out my hair?

* Why is it that we can develop this kind of behavior as humans?

* The first important step to overcome Trichotillomania.

You can directly order the corresponding Ebook here »

6. Are the success stories on your site of people who overcame trichotillomania true?

Yes, all the success stories of the people we provided treatment for Trichotillomania for and shared on this website are 100 % true.

And do realize that these are just some of the stories out of all the people we were already allowed to help. We have chosen to publish the stories of people who were open for this and complemented each other, allowing you to recognize yourself as much as possible in them.

So when reading these stories, be conscious of their enormous power and inspiration. Not only to you if you still suffer from Trichotillomania, but also to the person behind the story herself. Someone who wanted to share what she had to go through to set herself free from Trichotillomania and now gladly inspires others to follow in her food steps.

Because all of these people realized that we are here on this planet to help each other and that sharing their story was one of the most beautiful ways to inspire others and pass on their success.

In order to create these stories we simply asked all them a couple of questions afterwards in real life after they learned how to overcome Trichotillomania. Their answers were then transformed into personal stories and published on this website with their approval, which they sometimes complemented with a personal video message.

All in order to let you know that you can achieve this too when you still suffer from Trichotillomania in your life and are looking for a cure – treatment.

7. What is your approach / method with Treatment for trichotillomania – cure?

Our approach for helping you with treatment for trichotillomania – cure is aimed at allowing you to independently setting yourself free from this kind of behavior.

The positive impact of our assistance will be the direct result of what we will teach in our coaching practice and the self-support material that you will receive afterwards.

The work in our coaching practice will be a mixture of personal coaching and training. In an interactive way we will help you to discover how you actually do this form of behavior (the structure of it) and how you can positively change this for the better.

During that process we will teach you some mental re-patterning exercises that you sometimes have to carry out with your eyes open and sometimes with your eyes closed for better concentration.

Afterwards we will invite you to practice a number or these exercises at home for a limited period of time, often with a time investment of 30 minutes per day.

All these exercises are great fun to do, but more importantly very effective for learning how to take back control over your own behavior. Because sometimes as humans we can mentally hinder / limit ourselves through our own behavior. That in itself does not have to be a challenge, but it will be when that behavior is mainly happening unconsciously.

For example: think about someone who can easily give a presentation to a group of friends, but will suddenly freeze internally when giving the same presentation to a large audience of strangers. How can you consciously take back control in that instance when you kind of automatically seem to freeze up inside?

In essence actually quite similar to someone who will suddenly pull out her hair, despite all the previous good intentions to stop doing this. That is why we often explain that despite the negative impact of Trichotillomania in your life thus far, learning to overcome this kind of behavior also carries a gift for you.

Simply because during that process you will learn how to mentally take back control over your own behavior in situations where you currently may feel challenged and behavior is mainly happening at an unconscious level.

A skill we seldom learn at school or in society, but one that will very likely also support you later on in other areas of your life in terms of feeling great and more easily achieving goals you desire in your life.

Finally we will help your during the support process to get clear how you can take better care for yourself in daily life. In a way where there is simply no longer a desire or need to pull out your hair.

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8. I have tried many things to overcome trichotillomania without success, is this going to be different?

When you have tried (many) things before, either by yourself or through help of others, and have not yet succeeded in overcoming trichotillomania, you might ask yourself this question.

That´s why it is important to realize before you start working with us that we are here to serve and only work one on one with people we know we are able to help successfully.

That’s how we have set up our support structure, which is reflected in our satisfaction guarantee. So you can discover for yourself how you can overcome this too.

We can’t make it any easier than that!

9. I do not believe you can overcome trichotillomania, so why should I make an appointment?

Do you believe you can overcome Trichotillomania? Whether you believe you can overcome compulsive hair picking behavior or you can’t, you are right in both cases.

The problem with personal beliefs is that they often have nothing to do with ‘the truth’: if something is absolutely true, i.e. can you fly like a bird by using your hands?

But much more with a subjective truth, the way we personally experience things to be true or not: i.e. Am I able to do this or not?


Beliefs and overcoming Trichotillomania

When you consciously start to think about your current beliefs around trichotillomania, then it becomes interesting to ask yourself the question how these beliefs are helping you thus far realizing what you want.

For example, when deep down inside you love to overcome trichotillomania, then a subjective belief that something like this is not possible is not really supportive. The opposite is true as well!


Overcoming limiting beliefs and Trichotillomania

The power off subjective beliefs is incredible. So is learning how to overcome limiting beliefs that prevent you from taking appropriate action to achieve what you want. A well known topic for many mental coaches that help others to grow in life.

There is a nice video story available on YouTube about the world records for running the 1 mile (1,6 km) distance.

For almost 10 years that record had never been broken, but then suddenly one person did break the old record. And what you think happened in the same year after this event?

That’s right, many more people started to break the old world record. Why? Because suddenly more people started to believe that it was possible to run faster.

If that other person can do it, so can I became the new belief for many that broke the old world record too.

Because with that new belief, they became open to try out new things, started modeling what the other person did, which allowed them to break the old record too.

If you want, you can watch this whole video story at the bottom of this page.


Overcoming trichotillomania, our invitation to you

All we want to say with this is that if you currently still struggle with any kind of limiting belief for overcoming trichotillomania, we respect that.

And at the same time we invite you to request and fill out the coaching form if deep down inside you love to overcome trichotillomania and improve your life for the better.

Because when needed and asked for, we will help you later on during the assistance to overcome those limiting beliefs, so you can move ahead in the direction of your desires.

Video story: realizing the “impossible” dream!

10. At what age can I receive treatment for trichotillomania?

We mainly offer treatment for trichotillomania services to people aged 16 and above.

From that age onwards everybody in need can request our assistance for learning to overcome Trichotillomania.

If you are still below the age of 16, we kindly ask you and your parents or care takers to contact us firsts to discuss possibilities on a case by case basis.

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11. Who should fill out the questionnaire for personal assistance with treatment for trichotillomania?

The questionnaire for personal assistance with treatment for trichotillomania from Getting Better should always be filled out by the person who suffers from this form of behavior, without any influence of other persons.

This is because there is always a clear indication in language how someone does this form of behavior, either consciously or unconsciously, which helps us with the assistance.

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12. What exactly does the satisfaction guarantee with treatment for trichotillomania entail?

The satisfaction guarantee entails that you will only pay to truly overcome this form of behavior. That is why we will print this guarantee on the invoice that you will receive from us.

So you know both in advance and during the facilitation process that we will work with you for true success in overcoming Trichotillomania. The only thing we ask in return for this guarantee is to complete the actual time required to achieve your goal.

The reason why we can live up to this is because our approach is very much focused at learning you how to take control over this form of behavior yourself. To become independent of others and through your own inner strength learn to adjust your behavior for the better.

To help you achieve this we will not only work with you one on one in our coaching practice, but also provide you with support material afterwards that will help you overcome this compulsive form of behavior.

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13. How long is the treatment for trichotillomania satisfaction guarantee valid for?

The duration for the satisfaction guarantee for treatment for trichotillomania is as follows:

  • Through personal coaching – trichotillomania therapy: until 2 months after the last coaching session for personal assistance.

  • Through online self-coaching programs (where applicable): 30 day money back guarantee after the purchase date.

14. Is this a long term solution to cure trichotillomania?

Yes, this is a long term solution to cure trichotillomania. The reason is we work on 2 levels.

Level 1 is helping you to take back control over your unconscious behavior. Level 2 is teaching how you to take better care of yourself in such a way where the need for pulling out hair is no longer there.

Sometimes people ask if the behavior can ever come back in 15 or 20 years’ time or so, once they overcome it.

The answer is, theoretically this might happen and has happened in a few instances for people we assisted. However, the way we have set up our support is to allow you to quickly gain back control, should this ever happen.

But our experience is that most often, once you have learned to overcome this, it will be for good. Think of learning how to overcome trichotillomania like learning to walk.

Once you know how to do it, the skill is yours forever.

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15. What are the time investments I need to consider to be treated for trichotillomania?

Individual time investments for effective treatment for trichotillomania are difficult to predict up front.

Why? You can probably imagine that helping you to truly overcome trichotillomania requires a tailor-made approach. That every person who enters our coaching practice who suffers from this form of behavior is a unique person with their own personal history.

Something that we always incorporate in our approach to achieve the desired results. However, based on our experience of having supported many people to go through this process we can give you a rough estimation that can serve as a guideline.

Reality can always be different for you, take that into consideration.

Treatment for trichotillomania time investments – guideline:

* Average number of appointments (approximately half a day each) in our coaching practice: 1 – 3

* Doing exercises at home on your own with the follow up material that you will receive: 30 – 60 minutes per day for a duration of 2 weeks

16. What are the costs involved for treatment for trichotillomania?

The costs involved for treatment for trichotillomania are dependent on several factors.

The most important of these are:  1) if we are able to help you, 2) your personal motivation at the start for wanting to change and 3) the amount of time we estimate to help you.

Sometimes it also happens that more issues demand attention and that trichotillomania is not an isolated issue.

That is why it is important for you to fill out a questionnaire that allows us to give you a clear and realistic personal answer to this question.

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17. Does it matter how long I suffer from trichotillomania to get treatment for it?

How long you already suffer from trichotillomania has nothing to do with the fact if and how quickly you can overcome the urge for pulling out your hair.

If you want a more detailed explanation we recommend you to request the free self-help course for better knowledge and understanding about treatment for trichotillomania.

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18. How can I best support my child who currently suffers from Trichotillomania?

How as a parent you can best support your child who currently suffers from trichotillomania is an important question.

As a parent you often want the best for your child. But those good intentions may not always support your child in the best possible way to overcome trichotillomania.

And sometimes it can just be difficult as a parent to deal with this behavior. Especially when you notice how your child suffers from trichotillomania, but doesn’t take enough initiative to change or finds it difficult to talk about.

Below you can find a summary of guidelines we offer to help you as a parent.


Summary of guidelines for parents with children who suffer from trichotillomania *:

  1. Assure that the motivation for wanting to overcome trichotillomania comes from your child. Do not force your child to change its behavior. Personal motivation is one of the most important aspects to overcome trichotillomania.
  2. Ask your child how you can best support it during the trichotillomania treatment, what your child expects from you and make sure to honor that.
  3. Discuss after each trichotillomania therapy session the experience of your child, without judgment from your side. Let it express this in his / her own way and stimulate / compliment your child for its efforts and willingness to overcome trichotillomania.
  4. Once you are back at home in your daily routine, give your child plenty of ‘space’. Let it take the initiative for wanting to talk about anything related to this behavior.
  5. Make sure you child has a private place to do the homework assignments after each trichotillomania therapy session without control from your site.
  6. For questions, lack of clarity or further explanations, feel free to contact us.

* An extended overview of guidelines for you as a parent will be provided during the trichotillomania therapy assistance of your child.

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19. Do you also offer treatment for trichotillomania to people who do not speak English?

The question if we offer treatment for trichotillomania to people who do not speak English is one that we can positively answer. Alternative languages currently offered are Greek, Dutch and Croatian.

For people who are interested in information about trichotillomania therapy in the Dutch language we kindly refer to the link below:

Link for Dutch website for treatment for trichotillomania

20. I suffer from Trichotillomania but live in another country, is it wise / efficient for me to come to you?

If you suffer from trichotillomania and have difficulty visiting one of our local coaching practices where trichotillomania therapy is offered, we can still arrange a personal breakthrough session for you through alternative means like Skype and Facetime.

A personal breakthrough session often makes is possible to achieve the desired goal in 1-2 days. Because of the intensity of these kinds of sessions for both parties, we only arrange them when explicitly requested.

Alternatively we offer the option to make use of our online learning environment with training programs to help you in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

For more information, go here ».