Which first step do you recommend for getting help?

The first step we recommend to receive treatment for trichotillomania is to answer a couple of important questions that will help to make a good start to overcome this type of behavior.

Why? You can probably imagine that helping you to truly overcome trichotillomania requires a tailor-made approach. That every person who asks us for help who suffers from this form of behavior is a unique person with their own personal history. Something that we always incorporate in our approach to achieve the desired results.

To get some more information about your own background, understand how you do this form of behavior and assess if we can truly help you, this is always the first step for everyone we are asked to help overcome trichotillomania.

The questions have been reduced to just one page, so they can easily and often quite quickly be answered by most people. They will also support you in possibly raising your personal motivation and self-working ability to be able to quickly realize what you are after, a life free of Trichotillomania. You can request them via the button below.

“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow!"

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