“I KNOW WHAT TRICHOTILLOMANIA IS AND CAN HELP, REALLY! Even if you have been pulling for most of your life and have failed with everything you have ever tried.”

FREE SELF-HELP COURSE for better knowledge and understanding about treatment for Trichotillomania, compulsively hair pulling.

A kind of behavior that many people on this planet still suffer from with lots of different and often conflicting opinions.


Online Trichotillomania training on how to stop pulling hair

The self-help course about treatment for Trichotillomania is offered in the form of a online training with answers to some fundamental questions, like:

  • How is it possible that I keep pulling out my hair against my own will?
  • Is something wrong with me if I compulsively pull out my hair?
  • Why is it that we can develop this kind of behavior as humans?
  • The first important step to overcome Trichotillomania.

Over several days subscribers will receive an email with corresponding information in order to quickly increase their knowledge about Trichotillomania and treatment for it with minimum time investment.

Experience learns that when people receive information in a well-managed way without overwhelming them, this really helps to fully utilize this to their advantage.


Complementary Ebook about Trichotillomania

At the end of the course subscribers will receive the whole study in the form of an Ebook with the title:

´The first important step in overcoming Trichotillomania and changing your life for the better!`

This Ebook was offered in the past to subscribers of the newsletter about Trichotillomania from Getting Better, and is now simply available for everyone interested.

Almost everyone who has already received this information about treatment for Trichotillomania indicated to be very pleased with it.

It was primarily written to inspire people who still suffer from Trichotillomania and make them look at this behavior with new & liberating eyes‘.

But also bystanders of the person involved who like to increase their knowledge about Trichotillomania and treatment for it can benefit from this.


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