Please read this if you use Gmail!

The first time you request information from us you may want to login online into your Gmail account and check the spam directory to find the information you’re after!

Why? Because we are not sure if you’ve heard about the changes coming to Gmail … they have a new feature that automatically filters your email into Primary, Social and Promotions.

The problem with this is that Gmail will classify our emails as Promotions and you may never receive the information you requested from us in your primary inbox.

There are two structural fixes we recommend. They will only take a few seconds, may save you time in the future and prevents you for missing out on information that is important to you.

Method 1 – remove all of these new Gmail categories altogether
– Go to your inbox
– Go to the settings box in the upper right corner and  select ‘settings’
– Click on the tab ‘Inbox’
– Unselect all categories but ‘Primary’
– Save the changes

Alternatively ……

Method 2 – select the emails you want to receive directly via your primary inbox
– Get an email from the person you want to receive emails from
– Point, click and drag it to the ‘Primary’ tab
– Release your mouse
– A message appears asking to confirm you want to receive all future email from our email address to your inbox
– Click ‘yes’

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we are happy to help!