How to stop hair pulling? Treatment for Trichotillomania provides cure with a guarantee. Blog post addressing the foundation how to cure hair picking and get the best out of yourself.

Important lesson for effective treatment for trichotillomania – cure

I recently went to Italy to visit the old city of Rome and learned a very important lesson.

A lesson that not only helps you to thrive in life, but also is very important for trichotillomania treatment – finding a cure for hair picking.

Let me explain what happened, and although you might initially wonder what this story has to do with treatment for trichotillomania – cure, you will quickly understand why this has everything to do with this hair pulling disorder and setting yourself up to overcome it!

And through this insight you can hopefully benefit to change your life for the better as it  allowed me and many others.

So here is the story.

Treatment of trichotillomania or cure: working on yourself

The reason for my visit to Rome was to extend on the foundation for treatment of trichotillomania: doing what works.

By attending a training on personal and business development that I had booked months ago and had looked forward to attend ever since.

Just prior to this training I had been very busy with this website for treatment of trichotillomania and the personal trichotillomania therapy that I provide to people in need. A true labor of love.

However, ever since I started this journey of offering treatment for trichotillomania, first in the Netherlands and later on internationally, I was very much aware that loving what you do is not always enough to unleash our potential and fully shine as individuals.

You need more than that if you want to get the best out of yourself. What you need more is ´business skills´. Let me explain what I mean with business skills. All the great and truly successful business people I have met over the years all told me the same lesson: it’s all about serving people.

Serve them well, and as they grow, so will you and your business. And truly serving another person with everything that you have can only come from the heart. Then we are able to go ´the extra mile´ and ´do whatever it takes´ to help someone move forward in life.

My father, who used to be a professional cyclist when he was young, taught me at an early age that in his line of sports they called this attitude of doing whatever it takes ´having the holy fire within´. That a person who possesses this internal fire is kind of unstoppable to get what he / she wants in the end.

However, you can have all the ‘internal fire’ in the world, but if you are limiting yourself with mental and physical self-destructive behavior like pulling out hair, can you then truly serve yourself and others to the best of your abilities?

The answer of course is no, and so it becomes clear that suffering from trichotillomania is just a metaphor for holding yourself back in life.

The lessons that can help you with treatment for trichotillomania and getting the best out of yourself!

Anyhow, this training and indirect lessons for treatment for trichotillomania I am telling you about had a lot to do with learning important insights from teachers who were really inspirational and successful both in (active) business and life.

Not that they had started that way, because as one of them often loved to mention: ‘every master was once a disaster’.

Through their mistakes they had learned what they needed to correct to make things work. And all of these teacher had been clever enough to consult experts at certain difficult stages in their careers when they were frustrated and discovered what they did at the time simply did not deliver the desired results.

Asking support of someone with real life expertise and results is a great approach to adopt in life, not just with treatment for trichotillomania

So by going to people who had already achieved the results they were after and applying what these people taught, they were  able to quickly make the progress they wanted in a relatively short time span every time they did so.

And although that might sound simplistic, let me assure you that this mindset of asking support of someone with real life expertise and results in a dedicated area really sunk in for me big time.

Because I don’t know about you, but I personally believe that we learn a lot of insights in school that can help us in life.

However, most often the people who are teaching at school are not really successful in the real world with what it is they teach.

To a great extent, most of them come from a kind of theoretical and academic background, without having tested and worked on these principles in the real world themselves.

So this class in Rome with adult ‘students’ was very different than the normal kind of classroom you might be familiar with. All the students were active in their line of work and open to learn a lot more from true masters in their field who had come together for this very unique occassion and were willing to share.

And when these masters shared their insights over the course of a week, most of us as students had a lot of inspiration to what was suddenly possible. We realized that although ‘the fire had been burning within’ to achieve what we wanted, we had been kind of handicapped by the quality of our previous thinking and expertise in the various fields that were being addressed.

And as our thinking became better from the insights of these masters, so did the results for most of us when we started to apply what we learned later on in life.

The difference that can make all the difference with treatment for trichotillomania or cure

But here is the trick that can make all the difference in both life and with treatment for Trichotillomania or cure for it that goes before asking for support. It has to do with FOCUS. Both mentally and through your actions.

By the way, I am actually twittering about a great new book this week that has a lot to do with mental focus and changing your life for the better. It is a book that I can strongly recommend to anybody, not just if you are looking for treatment for trichotillomania.

But if your interest is related to treatment for trichotillomania or cure of it, reading this book can certainly make a huge difference on your road to recovery from this hair picking behavior when you start applying these insights in your own life.

Back to the topic of focus. This has a lot to do with commitment. Because when we truly commit to something, we have to put our energy on making what we want a success until it is. And the more focus of our energy we put on that desire, the more commitment we give to making that desire come alive.

But what I had not fully applied in my own life before coming to this training is that commitment also means letting go of all the things that do not support the growth you desire if you truly want to make progress. Because if you don´t, most often you are ´leaking energy´ to things that are less important that prevent your biggest desire to fully come alive.

So the important lesson I learned in Rome was the lesson of Focus and Commitment, which simply means that putting ALL of your energy (both mentally and physically) on the one thing you truly desire, is by far the quickest way to manifest your desire into a reality.

Here is how Goethe defined commitment and the magic that happens when one truly commits:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back– Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

Help to raise your level of commitment to treatment for trichotillomania or finding cure for it

Now, sometimes before we can fully commit ourselves to anything, not just with treatment for trichotillomania or cure of it, we might need a little help to create that momentum.

Typically these are the kind or projects / wishes that we desire for quite some time, but for whatever the reason, progress is slow or lacking. And some well-targeted questions that have great knowledge in them with regards to human behavior can make all the difference for creating that momentum.

These are the same helpful questions (see link above) that I use personally when I find myself stuck in a situation that can also be used to your advantage in moving forward with overcoming trichotillomania.

What has this all to do with treatment for trichotillomania or finding a cure for hair picking?

So, the question that is probably on your mind is what this visit to Rome has to do with treatment for trichotillomania or finding cure for this hair pull disorder.

Starting point for finding a cure for trichotillomania – getting help

Well, coming from experience, there is one simple truth that I have recognized in all the people I was able to help.

All of them had fully committed themselves to overcoming trichotillomania.

They were all fed up with this hair picking behavior and were willing to do whatever it takes to overcome Trichotillomania. They were all willing to focus their energy on their most important desire: overcoming this hair picking behavior.

And as I told all of them in person and am telling you now too, having that commitment to overcoming trichotillomania in itself to me is 80 % of the success you are after. The rest is just teaching you how to gain back control over your unconscious compulsive behavior that is not really serving you.

And that is something that can be achieved rather quickly (see also related blog post: how quickly can effective treatment for trichotillomania be provided?).

So to me, focus and commitment are very much related and at the core of effective treatment for trichotillomania.

Not so much through others, but through yourself first. Because it is you who has to commit to making that happen first until someone can serve you to overcome Trichotillomania and change your life for the better too.

With love and wishing you well,


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