How as a parent you can best support your child who currently suffers from trichotillomania is an important question.

As a parent you often want the best for your child. But those good intentions may not always support your child in the best possible way to overcome trichotillomania.

And sometimes it can just be difficult as a parent to deal with this behavior. Especially when you notice how your child suffers from trichotillomania, but doesn’t take enough initiative to change or finds it difficult to talk about.

Below you can find a summary of guidelines we offer to help you as a parent.


Summary of guidelines for parents with children who suffer from trichotillomania *:

  1. Assure that the motivation for wanting to overcome trichotillomania comes from your child. Do not force your child to change its behavior. Personal motivation is one of the most important aspects to overcome trichotillomania.

  2. Ask your child how you can best support it during the trichotillomania treatment, what your child expects from you and make sure to honor that.

  3. Discuss after each trichotillomania therapy session the experience of your child, without judgment from your side. Let it express this in his / her own way and stimulate / compliment your child for its efforts and willingness to overcome trichotillomania.

  4. Once you are back at home in your daily routine, give your child plenty of ‘space’. Let it take the initiative for wanting to talk about anything related to this behavior.

  5. Make sure you child has a private place to do the homework assignments after each trichotillomania therapy session without control from your site.

  6. For questions, lack of clarity or further explanations, feel free to contact us.

* An extended overview of guidelines for you as a parent will be provided during the trichotillomania therapy assistance of your child.

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