Safely making this program work for you

Resistance Reason #2: “I have tried other things – forms of help before that did not work, I am wondering how my experience will be different this time?”

Rik’s Response: When you have tried (many) things before, either by yourself or through the help of others and have not yet succeeded in overcoming trichotillomania, you might ask yourself this question.

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That´s why it is important to realize before you go through the program that we only offer this because we truly want you to free yourself and we absolutely believe this program will enable you to do just that.

That’s how we have organized our support structure, which is reflected in our 30 day only to win guarantee for you (see picture above).

So you only pay for the result that you want and can safely discover, at no risk, that you too can overcome this behavior and change your life for the better.

We can’t make it any easier than that :)!


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