Do you want to learn how to stop hair pulling? Watch this video and read the comments below from the team at treatment for trichotillomania to help you in that process.

If you are interested in learning how to stop hair pulling when you suffer from trichotillomania, I am sharing a video below that I found on Youtube.

It’s a story of someone I don’t know personally who suffers from trichotillomania and explains how she does it, how the pattern of pulling out hair runs in her life.

One that I can use to probably make you hear and see some important information that can help you understand how we help people to overcome the urge for pulling out hair through trichotillomania therapy.

I am sure that when you suffer from trichotillomania yourself, you recognize a lot of things she says, but there are some important things I like to make explicit to help you better understand how to stop hair pulling if that is what you want.

Based on what I know of helping people in the process by referring to some previous blog posts on our website that suddenly might make a lot more sense when you (re)read them afterwards.

How you are pulling out your hair and how to stop hair pulling is all in the wording!

All of us at treatment for trichotillomania – Getting Better who are helping people how to stop hair pulling through trichotillomania therapy are trained in linguistics.

Because it is often in the wording where you can hear when trained for it that someone will often give away how they do what they do that they no longer want to do.

So watch and listen to the video below first, and then read my comments below and go over the additional blog posts mentioned to get a better understanding how this all works and makes sense.

(Update: It seems that the video is no longer available, so it won’t play above unfortunately. But the remarks below still apply for a better understanding for treatment of Trichotillomania.)

Comments to help you better understand how to stop hair pulling

  • It gets my mind of things that stress me out. ’ I very much recognize this, because releasing build up tension inside is a pattern that often runs in the background if you suffer from Trichotillomania. Just (re)read this blog post on some advice how to deal with that in a better way for yourself.
  • Deep down inside I know that tomorrow will carry the same faith.’ Again, something I definitely recognize. Belief patterns can be very strong. And there is a big difference between believing you will pull tomorrow and believing you won’t pull. That is why we often work with changing limiting beliefs when we work with people to help them stop hair pulling. Just (re)read this blog post if you want to learn more about the power of beliefs.

Hope these comments and corresponding blog posts I refer to make even more sense now and inspire you that you too can overcome Trichotillomania if you truly want.

If you need help in that process, just contact any of us in the team of treatment for trichotillomania – Getting Better and we love to help you!

With love and wishing you well,


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