Help on discovering how to stop hair pulling. Read this blogpost from the team of treatment for trichotillomania – Getting Better to discover how this lesson can assist you on your path to freedom.

When you want to make progress and find a trichotillomania treatment that works, this blog post may inspire you on your path to freedom.

But first on behalf of the whole team of treatment for trichotillomania – Getting Better I wish you and all your loved ones a wonderful new year as we are reaching the end of this one.

And even more importantly, a fantastic day for each day that will follow in your life. May you live each day as your last day and do what you really want and works well FOR YOU, independent of the good opinion of others.

Trichotillomania Treament and making the right choices!

An important question to ask yourself with regards to trichotillomania treatment is if the urge for pulling out hair is hapening outside of you or if it is the result of how you deal with things in your life.

In other words, if you belief that you contribute in one way or another to doing this behavior that seems to be out of your control. Think about this when you read the rest of this blogpost.

Because this was also one of the  wiser lessons from Abraham Maslow when he spoke about his pyramid of human needs and the road to self-actualization.

That learning to become independent of the good opinion of others not only leads to much more feelings of peace – contentment inside, but also helps to FULLY shine in the adventure of our life here on earth.

Not so much with what you consciously think of with your head, but more importantly how good it feels inside when you make the right choices and do the right things THAT WORK WELL FOR YOU.

And that your conscious – rational – thoughts are sometimes not the deciding factor compared to the unconscious part in you is something you undoubtedly already discovered in your process of overcoming the urge for pulling hair out.

That is why it is so important for all of us to learn to really listen to yourself and act upon what works well FOR YOU when we want to travel the path of self-actualization and freedom!

Something we all strive for according to Maslow!

A lesson I received myself and lovingly pass on to you when you are looking for trichotillomania treatment

Here is a lesson that will inspire you if you are looking for trichotillomania treatment when you learn to apply this into your own life better and better.

Not as THE SOLUTION to overcome this hair pulling disorder, but as inspiration and help for a step in the right direction.

Years ago when I travelled the world for 14 months non-stop with my wife I met a very inspiring man high in the mountains of Nepal. He had rented out his house in London 12 years ago and had been traveling and discovering the world ever since.

It was a desire he had carried with him for a very long time, and in order to bring that desire into reality he had learned to break through some limiting beliefs that kept him prison before.

Keeping him stuck in London. But then he defined a new reality and was able to start his journey.

Call it learning to see ‘reality’ with new – liberating eyes. With what is possible or not in certain situations or with what you should or should not do in order to be a good person.

One evening he told me about a poem that helped him every day when he had to make the right choices for himself, something he had become better at over the years.

Not so much on the basis of what was considered right by others or their expectations, but much more on what allowed for space in him to create the freedom he longed for in his life.

To inspire you I enclose the original poem that the man in the mountains of Nepal referred to at the time. It was written by Robert Frost and you can download it here.

That is may inspire you too in finding your path to freedom next year and to discover that overcoming Trichotillomania stands for so much more in a positive way then only learning to stop pulling out your hair.

So that the energy and time that becomes available can support you to get the best out of yourself and live your life in freedom.

With love and wishing you well,


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