More about my personal and professional background

I am assisting people via coaching and training services to improve the quality of their lives and their manifestations.

I was born on the 30th of September 1967, am the ‘other half’ of a great relationship since April 1997 and the proud father of a beautiful son since December 2008!

Rik van Bastelaar

My personal mission in life is to empower people with insights and techniques that assist them for improving the quality of their lives and their manifestations.

This human potential phenomenon has always intrigued me and led me to travel the planet and be trained and certified by some of best experts in the field of human behaviour. To learn from them before I established myself as an entrepreneur and mental coach & trainer.

Thereby assisting people in all walks of life to discover what it is that makes us ‘tick’ as individuals. But more importantly, how we can optimize our behavior for the results we are after!

For this purpose I have developed unique training programs around the concept of peak performance through which I am assisting companies, sportsmen, private individuals and professional coaches, counsellors & trainers to unleash the hidden potential we all carry within.

I have a great passion/love to bring out the best in people and will often use a combination of my NLP, Hypnotherapy and Counseling background during private coaching sessions.

You can read some client testimonials on my linkedin profile (see ´Let´s Connect´ under contact) or request additional ones by contacting me directly.

Personal inspiration slogan:

Don’t ever settle for less than who you truly want to be, it’s your calling in life!

Professional qualifications

Below is a brief overview of my professional qualifications w.r.t. human behaviour:

  1. MBA, including organizational behavior and human resources
  2. Academic Counselor & Coach
  3. Licensed NLP Practitionar – International Society of NLP
  4. Licensed NLP Master Practitionar – International Society of NLP
  5. Licensed NLP Trainer – International Society of NLP
  6. Certified coach in the art and science of HNLP coaching – The International Institute for Humanistic and Neuro Lingtuistic Psychology and Hypnosis
  7. Hypnotic practitioner – International Society of NLP
  8. Certified Hypnotherapist – International Hypnosis Society
  9. Certified Master Hypnoherapist – International Hypnosis Society
  10. Certified Trainer in the art and science of Hypnotism & Hypnotherapy – International Hypnosis Society