How to stop hair pulling? Treatment for Trichotillomania provides cure with a guarantee. Blog post by someone who overcame hair picking and now inspires others to stop pulling out their hair too.


Self-treatment for Trichotillomania. Is that something you have tried yourself as well? Trying to cure yourself of the urge for pulling out your hair by ignoring what is truly going on.

And struggling with that thought why I did what I did! Oh, I have had that thought so many times. Especially in the beginning. It drove me mad, because I had no clue why I did it and definitely thought I was abnormal with this kind of behavior.

So what is the most logical thing you can do when a problem is so difficult to understand and so painful? Acting as if it is not happening.

With hindsight I know this was not a very smart response, because I definitely had a problem and deep down inside I also realized at the time that I would have to face it one-day for overcoming it. But I also know that I am not the only one who initially reacts this way when facing a difficult situation.

And changes are that you are currently thinking exactly the same as I did at the time: ‘if I simply ignore that I am pulling out my hair, it will hopefully disappear just by itself’.


My ingenious way with self-treatment before I knew that Trichotillomania can actually be cured!

So my own way of self-treatment for trichotillomania at the time was to simply ignore this behavior. But I was also not aware that the behavior had an official name and that many more people suffer from this. And more importantly, I also did not know that you can actually be cured from Trichotillomania.

So as long as I was denying that I was pulling out my hair I did not have to think about it that much. I simply pretended after each hair pulling session that nothing had happened.

At the time I was also very good at hiding this behavior. I simply cleaned up the hair locks on the ground or on my pillow after each hair pulling session before I left my room. I would also hide them carefully in paper that I would fold together in such a way that my parents would not discover the hairs I had pulled out and were now laying in the trash bin of my room.

People who want to hide a problem are often very good at this. So I became very good at the time in pinning up my hair so no one could see the bald spots as a result of this behavior. And I actually got compliments about my hairstyle. Ha, ha, if they only knew!


Finally reaching the moment that I had to find treatment – a cure for Trichotillomania

And then I finally reached the moment that I had to find treatment, a cure for Trichotillomania. That I could no longer deny that I was pulling out my own hair. Because the bald spots became quite visible and very difficult to hide.

In the continuing blog posts I will share with you what happened afterwards. But what I already want to make clear to you from my own experience in overcoming Trichotillomania is that this type of behavior is nothing strange (although it might seem this way initially) and that you are not the only one.

And that it is quite understandable if you initially try to hide the fact that you are doing this to yourself! It is always difficult to admit that something is not okay. Because we live in a world that is very much focused on outside appearance and as persons we all want to show ourselves to others in our most beautiful and successful way.

But I can tell you that outside appearance – success and inside happiness can sometimes be very different for the outside world and the person who struggles with Trichotillomania! And it is only when we truly take ownership for our own life that we can change things for the better.

With all my love and wishing you well on your journey for setting yourself free!


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Stephanie is someone who learned to overcome Trichotillomania with the support of the people behind Treatment for Trichotillomania – Getting Better to whom this website belongs. Through her joy and excitement afterwards she wanted to contribute in helping others who currently still struggle with this behavior in their life. Initially she did this through sharing her story in overcoming Trichotillomania and her video messages on Youtube. Messages that have already helped many people to build up the confidence and belief to take appropriate action and set themselves free from compulsive hair pulling. Since the beginning of 2012 she also blogs on this website to further inspire existing hair pullers to follow in her footsteps for a better quality of life, a life free of Trichoillomania.