Learn More About Winning From Trichotillomania From People Who Did And The Person Who Helped Them In Just 3 Audio Recordings!

Interview  1

The best thing you can ever do for beating Trichotillomania

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Interview  1:  The best thing you can ever do for beating Trichotillomania

Interview  2:  The essence of Trichotillomania and taking back control

Interview about he essence of Trichotillomania. What is at the core of this behavior and the importance of learning to change this.

Interview  3:  Half Of The Battle For Winning From Trichotillomania

Interview with someone on learning to overcome Trichotillomania after almost 16 years. In it you will discover many wonderful insights. One of these insights clearly stood out, something she referred to as “half of the battle” and invites you to apply in your own life too if you suffer from this behavior.

Rik van Bastelaar

Rik interviewing the persons above is the founder of Getting Better for treatment of Trichotillomania. Offering the most effective help to stop hair pulling. Ever since the start of this journey until this day, he has already inspired and helped more than 1.530 people, including the 3 persons above. From young children (age 9) to elderly people (age 76) and everything in between. In countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil, Jordan, Dubai, Sudan, Philippines, Croatia, Turkey, Malta, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Israel, Belgium and the Netherlands. As a result growing into the leading expert to help people with this. His mission is to allow everybody who struggles with this behavior to learn to overcome it and live their life in freedom.

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