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Important follow-up steps
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Thank you for requesting the coaching form!

IMPORTANT! PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL and click on the confirmation link.

Please click the confirmation link in the email we have just send to you, so we can complete your request for sending the questionnaire called Getting Real.

This questionnaire will help you with prioritization and motivation for what is really important to you through my specialization around behaviour.

Don´t let the simplicity of the questions deceive you. The SECRET to moving ahead for overcoming Trichotillomania yourself too is to directly answer all questions spontaneously and honestly from your heart.

Because this truly is about helping the most important person in your life: YOU (assuming you requested this form for yourself).

Best wishes – to your freedom!

Rik van Bastelaar

P.s. If you have not received an email within five minutes, check you spam box and make sure to add us to your list of safe senders.


“I KNOW WHAT TRICHOTILLOMANIA IS AND CAN HELP, REALLY! Even if you have been pulling for most of your life and have failed with everything you have ever tried.”

This session has helped me enormously. It made me realize what I had done wrong all those years trying to control this behavior (and failing constantly) and how to correct it. I CALL IT THE SECRET BEHIND MY SUCCESS. If you struggle with this behavior, plan this session and do everything they ask you to do. It has helped me quickly move towards freedom afterwards and I know it can do the same for you. Jolien


Send us your answers to our questionnaire and receive an invitation for a personal freedom consultation session with one of our behavioral experts for treatment of Trichotillomania. Most people with Trichotillomania follow an approach for learning to overcome this that is simply not effective! Helping you discover how & where to change your current approach for a more effective approach is what this consultation session is all about.