How to stop hair pulling? The international team of Getting Better can help you with trichotillomania treatment. Blog post explaining the secret of effective trichotillomania therapy.

2 Questions people often ask regarding trichotillomania therapy

A lot of people knocking on my door asking for trichotillomania therapy always have one question in the back of the mind that needs to be addressed to give them peace of mind.

Well it’s actually two questions. The first question is “can I truly overcome trichotillomania?

Now that’s a simple answer because having taught many people how to stop hair pulling and seen the results fom myself with many who were often still a bit skeptical in the beginning, I know you can.

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Trichotillomania cure and believing you can achieve this!

But besides knowing how to offer a trichotillomania cure, I also know how belief systems work and how one person can believe something completely different as opposed to another person. And that what you believe can make a huge difference in the actions you take and the results you manifest into your life.

This is a principal that all of us on planet Earth will discover sooner or later, that we manifest anything into our life, whether it is overcoming trichotillomania or getting the right weight that you tried to get for such a long time, by going through four simple stages: thinking, feeling, actions, results.

So what you believe is incredibly important for what you will do and the results that you will achieve. If for some reason deep down inside you still have the belief that you cannot overcome trichotillomania, that will not set you up to move forward and do what’s required in order to overcome it.

But of course the opposite is also true. Now in terms of beliefs there is no right or wrong or what is true or what is false. It’s just what feels right to us. It’s a made up reality that we carry in our head that feels like true but sometimes has nothing to do with it.

A more powerfull question besides how to stop hair pulling!

So instead of asking yourself the question whether something is true or not belief wise, the real question that might be very interesting to ask yourself is whether what you currently believe will allow you to achieve what you want.

For example the belief that you can overcome trichotillomania, since it is something you learned somewhere in your life and everything we learn can be unlearned, is definitely helping you to move forward. Now I know that sometimes changing limiting beliefs can be quite horrendous if you haven’t learned the skills yet how to do that very quickly.

For example there is the story that’s known to quite some people and also available on YouTube where the 1 mile record was not broken for 10 years. And what happened when 1 single person broke that record after 10 years in the year after?

Of course, many more people started to break that record, because suddenly somewhere inside they started to build up a new belief that if that person can do it so can you and I.

Again, it´s not about whether it is absolutely true or not, but for the group who embraced the new belief, who started to train differently and learn from the person who already achieved the results they wanted to achieve, it made all the difference!

Btw, if you want to see the video relating to this story of breaking records that were believed to be impossible before, read the answer to question 9 of the related frequently asked questions (the video is at the bottom once you open up the answer to question 9).

Treatment for trichotillomania – How do you do it?

Now the second question that is on the minds of a lot of people who ask for trichotillomania therapy is always how do you do it? How do you help me to overcome the urge for pulling out my hair and how can I simply stop with it?

What is it that I need to do when I come to you? A question that is also addressed on the internet a lot of times, i.e. see this question on how to stop hair pulling on Yahoo Answers.

Now that’s of course a wonderful question because they are curious what the secret is to effective trichotillomania therapy. And I also understand where it comes from. Because most of these people have tried many things, either by themselves or through help of others, and have not succeeded yet.

And so they are still a little skeptical. But I see that as a very good thing, normal, because the true question is. How will my experience be different this time, and in all honesty, I would probably have the same question being in your shoes.

Now I have to say that for a lot of the things and techniques that I use when I watched them happening when I was trained in how we do behavior through my teachers, and one of them is actually on this website and part of the team: Julie Silverthorn, I sometimes wondered whether what I saw happening in front of my own eyes would actually do the trick.

Looking at trichotillomania therapy from different angles

Now when you go through formal training in order to learn the techniques that we use when working with people suffering from trichotillomania, we always work in teams of three.

The first person is always representing the client, having the problem that he or she wants to change behavior wise.

The second person is always the coach who is looking at the whole process from a different angle. And the third person is always the meta-person, representing the role where he or she can observe what’s happening between client and coach.

Now working in teams of three is always very beneficial because you start looking at things from a different angle and discover things that you otherwise would have missed, depending on the position you are in.

Now I have to admit that some of the techniques that I use when working with clients to help them overcome trichotillomania, like timeline techniques, seemed a bit strange or mysterious when you’re looking at it from the meta point of view or from the viewpoint of being the coach.

But once you start going through those techniques / exercises in the position of the client and experience how powerful those techniques can be to change behavioral processes that are happening unconsciously, you are making the changes there and then on the spot. (See also related blog post.)

This is how I learned it myself and it was only when I stepped into the position of the client that I experienced the impact of those powerful techniques myself.

Simply because I didn’t have to take 10 or 15 years in order to change limiting beliefs, but suddenly changed those beliefs in a second.

All who learned how to stop hair pulling say the same thing!

Now it’s of course wonderful to tell you about this, but you should probably also know that every time when I work with a client who asked for trichotillomania therapy I always ask that person when we are done a very simple question. `Would I have been able to fully explain before we met the way you experienced it now you have gone through the process yourself?´

This is also what I asked purposefully with the last two clients while setting up the whole team of great loving individuals who can help you overcome this too. And like all the times before, they also told me no! In the end you have to experience this for yourself.

It´s a lot of trying to explain to you how a cake tastes if you haven´t tasted it yourself yet. The explanation can probably come close, but in the end, you have to try it for yourself to get a taste of it as a matter of speaking :)!

And this is also how I grew and keep growing when I learned and applied these same techniques and when I later decided that some of those techniques could be used in helping people overcome compulsive hair pulling.

Do you need to know everything up front before seeking treatment for trichotillomania?

So what I’m saying here is that if you are looking for treatment for trichotillomania it’s not always important to truly know everything upfront before you set yourself free from trichotillomania. It starts simply with opening up your mind to the possibility that you can overcome this.

And this is how change happens. Let me tell you something how my life is changing as I write this blog post for you. A couple of months ago I decided that it was time to create a team in the whole world that works for people like you, helping, stimulating and allowing you to step up, come forward and free yourself from trichotillomania.

During that time I’ve also been actively working with clients to help them overcome trichotillomania. But at this time of writing I was just informed by my great colleague in the USA who helped her first client as part ot the team to overcome trichotillomania too.

Now what a wonderful story that is, because it was a relatively young girl that she helped who had suffered for such a long time and didn’t know how to overcome this.

Want to find a trichotillomania cure that works for you? Start listening to your heart!

All I’m saying is that what I’ve learned is that it is sometime wise to just act and open yourself up and listen to your heart. Because your heart will always tell you what’s right for you.

It is when we start listing to our head that we sometimes get confused. This is where the question comes from how does it work.

But your heart knows what it wants. And it’s just stepping up and allowing yourself to learn new things, the way I learned them as I went through trainings that will allow you to discover for yourself how powerful, how fun, and how quick you too can overcome trichotillomania.

All that’s required is that you knock on our door and we will be pleased to help you if you need help in this process.

Trichotillomania therapy was offered through the use of Skype between coach and client in the USA. Two people who lived miles apart but simply used Skype technology to achieve their goal.

And the great fun is that Julie was able to offer help through the use of Skype. Because she and the brave girl she helped were miles apart. Isn’t if fun how technology allows for so much more than just communication nowadays!

So you see, you don’t have to know everything upfront. Because the girl that was helped did not know anything upfront either.

Yes, of course, she had some personal questions and these were of course answered to her satisfaction when they started. But in the end, she simple gave in to her desire to overcome this and hoped for the best.

All you need is a little hope, a little trust, and a little loving support. This is how you learned to walk and this is how you will overcome trichotillomania too. In the end, it’s just a matter of deciding what you make important in your life!

And there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, and no one else can do it for you. But whatever you decide, you will have to live with the consequences. And if what you choose thus far did not work, you can always choose differently.

It´s all a matter of feedback until you reach your goal in the end. But make sure to compliment and reward yourself for trying in the process until you disover something that works for you too!

With all my love and hoping that this message coming from my heart to yours will inspire you to do what is right for you and life your life to the fullest and find a trichotillomania cure what works for you too!


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