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For everybody interested in how to stop pulling hair /treatment for trichotillomania – cure, I sometimes like to mention a great article that I read somewhere else that might be of help in this process.

This time the article of Jon Hershfield who wrote about treatment for trichotillomania and compared it to the process of stop eating meat and overcoming the urge to do so.

Below the link to his great article:

Trichotillomania, Compulsive Skin Picking, and the Resistor’s High

Treatment for Trichotillomania – cure versus the process of stopping eating meat!

W.r.t. treatment for Trichotillomania – cure, I really loved reading this article of Jon. Especially the metaphor of eating meat, or better overcoming that initial urge to do so.

It is something I personally went through as well in my life. At the time (1999 – 2001)  my wife and I lived in the United Kingdom – London. You might recall, the mad cow disease was quite a hot topic in that city and throughout the world at the time.

After hearing an interview with someone on the radio about incubation time (could take 6 months before the disease would manifest itself), being in a process ourselves to be more aware of our health and not eating too much meat at the time anyways, we decided to take the plunge to stop eating meat.

At the beginning tofu (which we used as an alternative for meat) really tasted awful. But now 11 years later all I can say is that tofu and all the other food I did eat before taste wonderful and even better than before. It seems that my natural taste buds have really improved and flavors resonate now so much better with me.

Treatment for Trichotillomania – cure and learning new habits

So not just with treatment for trichotillomania – cure, but in general, new habits can become second nature if we allow some time to implement them.

One of the things that I always look at when working with people to overcome Trichotillomania is how they can learn to take better care of themselves in real life.

This may sound funny, because it is my experience that they are all the most wonderful people that really shine and positively stand out in life (more on this in our free self-help course for better knowledge and understanding about treatment for trichotillomania).

All they have is a kind of behavior that hinders them, but honestly, I think all of us hinder ourselves behavior wise once in a while.

And personal growth is often the result of stepping up and learning to overcome our own limitations and improve our behavior for the better, which most often is happening at an unconscious level. See also related blog post: how quickly can effective treatment for trichotillomania be provided?

Treatment for trichotillomania – cure and learning to create peace of mind in situations that used to cause stress

What I have learned over the years with treatment for trichotillomania – cure is that most people who suffer from Trichotillomania fill themselves up with stress during the course of the days. And when the level of stress inside is high enough, unconsciously they get an internal signal to release those feelings by doing the compulsive behavior.

But take anything you desire in life. A goal or something you want to acquire, like a new car, a new job or a new house. And then ask yourself this simple question: what will this give me that I don´t already have today? With the house you might say for example, well more space, better location, etc.

Then again ask the same question: What will that give me that I don´t already have today? Keep asking that question until there are no answers left, and you will discover that it will finally make you feel good. Because that is it, the longing behind all our desires that keep popping up from our minds; all we want is to feel good about ourselves and our life!

So learning to create peace of mind in any situation, no matter the outcome, is a skill worth further developing for most people who currently still suffer from Trichotillomania – and probably for all of us in life :)!

With love & wishing you well – Rik

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