“I KNOW WHAT TRICHOTILLOMANIA IS AND CAN HELP, REALLY! Even if you have been pulling for most of your life and have failed with everything you have ever tried.”

Treatment for Trichotillomania helps people who suffer from compulsive hair pulling.

treatment for trichotillomania - cure - therapy, how to stop pullnig out your hairThe team of Treatment for Trichotillomania invites you to share how we can help you best in overcoming compulsive hair pulling.


Jointly exploring new ways to offer trichotillomania treatment to more and more people

Rik van Bastelaar, founder of Treatment for Trichotillomania and still actively involved in supporting people who suffer from Trichotillomania in their life, explains this invitation as follows:

Through personal coaching we have been able to successfully offer trichotillomania therapy to a substantial number of people. However, not everybody is able to instantly pay a visit to one of our coaches. Which is a shame, because these people then continue suffering from hair pulling where there is no need to as far as we are concerned. So we want to explore how we can offer trichotillomania treatment to as many people as possible who need help in this process. And instead of us guessing about this, we thought it only makes sense to involve the people we are here for to serve.


Empowering recording on overcoming trichotillomania

As a way of thanking you for answering 4 simple questions to share your view, you will receive the following audio recording from someone who already overcame trichotillomania and shares insights and lessons that can help you too.

How she finally overcame trichotillomania in only 5 hours after 9 years of suffering

Treatment for Trichotillomania cure therapy - how to stop hair pulling


Very inspiring, listening to this recording strengthens in a heartwarming manner the believe in yourself to overcome this behavior




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Trichotillomania cure: success storiesvideo messages.

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