This first blog post in the series ‘trichotillomania therapy unraveled – how to stop hair pulling’ is coming to you from Perticara in Italy where we are celebrating our holiday with the family at the moment.

From the top of a mountain with a magnificent view and a wonderful climate.

In this blog post I am pleased to share some further information to help you in your process on how to stop hair pulling and change your life for the better.

Finding a cure for trichotillomania does not mean you have to understand everything

One of the questions that people who are looking for a cure for Trichotillomania often struggle with is the ‘why question’. Why are you pulling out your hair when you suffer from Trichotillomania?

In our e-book for help with trichotillomania I have extensively explained that we are all able to create compulsive forms of behavior and that it is seldom required to understand why you are doing this in order to get rid of it.

Especially because you’re conscious inside is not always directly linked to this formal behavior that you are doing at an unconscious level.

However I think it is good to also realize that is actually you is contributing to building up the urge for hair picking, how strange this may sounds at the moment. Because why would you pull out your hair when you are actually very dissatisfied with trichotillomania in your life?

A question that I would like to address and help you with in this blog post, because something that you take ownership for is something you can change. Something you put outside of yourself and treat as a victim seldom.

So how does it actually work that you unconsciously contribute to building up the urge for hair picking?

Let me explain this to you through the creation or manifestation process that is applicable to all of us. That process can be divided into four phases:

1.   Thinking

2.   Feeling

3.   Acting

4.   Result

In the free membership area of our website we will continue to share more videos that will explain this in more detail to you.

How you are indirectly contributing to building up the urge for hair picking!

It is said that 95% of our thinking happens unconsciously. The same is true for behavior like Trichotillomania and finding a cure for it.

So how does it work with regards to building up the urge for hair picking? Very simple, that’s an indirect process.

By doing things or not doing things that are not working well for that part in you that knows what is good for you it will make you pull out your hair at present. Also known as your unconscious.

One of my indirect teachers around behavior was Milton H Erickson. A fantastic person who was working as an hypnotherapist and helped many people in his life to free themselves from forms of behavior that were negatively impacting the quality of their life.

One of his rules why people are creating these forms of behavior is that there is a discrepancy between their conscious and unconscious mind.

In other words, that they are not listening well to that part inside of them that has the best interests at heart.

You could say that the unconscious part in you is actually ‘ringing the bell’ in order to take better care of yourself.

Let me give you a simple example of this in your daily life.

Continued here ……

With love and wishing you well, Rik

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