Are you looking for treatment for trichotillomania? The international team of Getting Better provides cure through therapy and self-help products for people in need of help for hair pulling disorders.

Below is a video message on the topic of trichotillomania treatment that I love to share for more reasons than one.

At first it will focus on the impact that trichotillomania has in your  life, like: how it affects you every day,  how you don’t want to do it and still do and how you often get angry and frustrated with yourself when you have done it.

I know that none of these things are probably new to you when you suffer from trichotillomania, but the reason I want to share it is the positive message at the end if you are looking for a trichotillomania cure.

Watch it first and then read my comments underneath that might help you further:

(Update: It seems that the video is no longer available, so it won’t play above unfortunately. But the remarks below still apply for a better understanding for treatment of Trichotillomania.)

A recommendation when you seek help for trichotillomania treatment

So, did you hear that massage on the effectiveness on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for trichotillomania treatment? That’s positive news right! That provides hope that there is a way out for you too.

That way of working is to a great extend what we focus on with our international team as well. However, a note of caution. At the end you will hear the remark to go to your General Practitioner (GP).

I do recommend you to do this, but also want to share some of the feedback I got over the years of people I provided treatment of trichotillomania too that can be of help in this process. Because some met Doctors unfortunately did not have a clue what the behavior was about and were even discussed with the fact that some people will even eat their hair too.

Such a response is probably human if the behavior is new to you and when you are surprised, but it certainly did not help the person involved very much and gave her a feeling that something was wrong with her.

But rest assured, you are completely normal and if you want to read more about that, please request and read the extensive ebook I wrote to support people like you to let you know that you are perfectly ok!

So just prepare yourself based on this info when you seek help and if possible prequalify your GP and ask if he or she has experience with treating or referring people who suffer from Trichotillomania.

With love and wishing you well,


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