How to stop hair pulling? Treatment for Trichotillomania provides cure with a guarantee. Blog post by mental coach & trainer learning people how to cure hair picking and get their life back.

Let me explain how this blog title relates to Trichotillomania cure.

Napoleon Hill addressed something important in his world famous book.

Something that is at the heart of almost any growth process we will always bring successfully to completion as humans.

Because maybe your behavior of pulling out your hair started at a young age and it simply did not bother you that much at the time.

But now you have become older you might have come to the conclusion that it is becoming ridiculous in the way you are living your life with a kind of detour and the time and negative attention involved to fight against it.

The essesence of anybody I helped to cure of Trichotillomania

Because the essence to cure yourself of Trichotillomania is to learn how to suddenly steer your bike to the right in situations where you have steered your bike to the left all the years before metaphorically speaking. (Also see  related blog post: Trichotillomania cure: it´s like learning to ride a bike all over again!)

And so the people behind Getting Better only work with winners! Individuals who realize that you have to act and do something different if what you have tried thus far has not resulted in your desired outcome.

Because there are enough people who complain about things that they would like to have different in their life, but don´t take the necessary action.

Who put the responsibility for a better life in the hands of someone else and have a thousand and one excuses why they are stuck. And then are surprised why others have so much ´luck´ in life.

But all the individuals we were allowed to help overcome Trichotillomania were completely fed up with the endless fights with themselves and showed the braveness to come out in the open to improve the quality of their life.

Yes, stepping up to cure yourself from Trichotillillomania requires courage at first!

Coming out in the open to learn to cure yourself from Trichotillomania requires courage at fist and the desire to change your life for the better.

Because in doing so, you firstly have to admit to yourself that you trully no longer want this, and secondly come out in the open to ask for help when you discover that you need support with this process.

But also the assurance that how you currently behave is just a reflection of a healthy functioning mind, because all of us have a talent to create automatic behavior processes that on a rational – conscious – level have nothing to do with logic – but on another level still serve a positive intention (see also related blog post: how quickly can effective treatment for Trichotillomania be provided?).

And as Napoleon Hill already discovered, that when we want something bad enough and have a burning desire, you will find a way to accomplish what you want.

With the wonderful result that we – the people behind Getting Better – keep meeting remarkable and very interesting people in our line of work.

Individuals who truly want the best for themselves in this life and just need a little support to take control over their own behavior at a level which we seldom learn at school.

Quite often with the surprise that what we learn them to overcome Trichotillomania can – and often will – also serve them in other areas of their life to improve their results for the better.

Not because something is wrong in those areas, but because they start to realize that a change for the better in any person’s life always starts with an inner revolution.

But more importantly, because from now on they know that they are completely normal and carry the mental power within them to steer unwanted behavior that no longer serves them in the right the direction rather quickly and change their life for the better as a result.

With love & wishing you well – Rik

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Rik van Bastelaar is the initiator and founder of Treatment for Trichotillomania - Getting Better to whom this website belongs. His personal mission is to empower people with insights and techniques that allow them to improve the quality of their lives and manifestations. This topic of human potential has always intrigued him and caused him to travel the world to be trained by some of the finest experts in the field of human behavior. To learn from them personally before establishing Treatment for Trichotillomania. Through which he supports people to stop pulling their hair out and get their life back. For more professional background info on Rik and his colleagues you can visit his profile page or the international team page.