Are you pulling out your hair and don’t want to? The team of treatment for trichotillomania can help you via trichotillomania therapy or an online program that comes with a satisfaction guarantee!

How we came up with our unique approach for Trichotillomania treatment
How we came up with our unique approach for effective treatment of Trichotillomania

Many people who requested trichotillomania treatment over the years always loved a particular story I told them.

The remarkable story how I ended up providing trichotillomania therapy to people in need. A story that is still as a surprise to me as to many people in my environment.

I never took the time to record this story, always wanted to. But since almost everybody liked this story so much and I am very much in the flow of writing a series of blog posts at the moment on the topic ‘trichotillomania therapy unraveled‘, I decided to take the time and record it for everyone interested.

Hopefully it will provide you with some answers to questions that are on your mind when you suffer from compulsive hair pulling. Like how to stop hair pulling for example.

An answer that may surprise you and has very little to do with conscious insights, because learning how to stop hair pulling has everything to do with learning how to change unconscious behavioral reflexes.

But also how to take well care of yourself at a deeper level. Something we seldom learn at school or in society at large.

In it I will also explain the story how the unique program for helping people overcome this behavior actually came along!

You can watch this new video via the button below. Hope you enjoy it too :)!

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