Learning how to stop hair puling has a lot to do with changing unconscious conditioned behavior. Getting Better facilitates people with this to help them overcome the urge for pulling out hair.

Trichotillomania therapy unraveled – how we unconsciously generalize, distort and delete information

In the previous blog post about trichotillomania therapy unraveled, how to stop hair pulling, I raised the question whether trichotillomania is the cause or the end result.

As a follow-up to that post I love to share the video below from my colleague NLP trainer Toby McCartney.

He will explain to you the NLP communication and how we all often (unconsciously) delete, generalize and distort information that comes to us.

Trichotillomania therapy and the way you feel in relation to this communication model.

So what is the link of trichotillomania therapy to this communication model that I am sharing with you here?

Very simple: as a result of this you can end up with feelings that may hold you back or hinder you to do what is good for you. Which may contribute to building up the urge for pulling out your hair.

For example, think about overwhelming feelings like ´shame´ and ´fear´ as compared to positive feelings like ´freedom´ and ´confidence´.

The way how we filter everything that comes to us in a split second has a lot to do with the conditioning that happened to us in the past and is unique for all of us.

That is why one person can give a complete different meaning to the same situation as someone else. Which can lead to different feelings and sometimes cause you to hold yourself back to do what is good for you.

Not so much with what you consciously think in certain situations, but what your subconscious mind that is running the show with hair pulling knows what is right for you!

In a future blog post in the series on trichotillomania therapy unraveled I will explain to you the importance of learning to manage your internal state (the way you feel) as part of trichotillomania therapy to help you overcome the urge for pulling out hair.

For now, I wish you great fun and hopefully some new insights when watching this video. If you haven’t done so btw, I highly encourage you to read the following blog post first: hair pulling, cause or result?

That will give you a better foundation for understanding how this all relates to ultimately finding the cure for trichotillomania within yourself and change your life for the better.

Video as part of the series ‘trichotillomania therapy unraveled’

With love and wishing you well,


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