How to stop hair pulling? Treatment for Trichotillomania provides cure with a guarantee. Blog post by mental coach & trainer learning people how to cure hair picking and get their life back.

treatment for trichotillomania essencePeople often ask me what a person needs to do in order to overcome Trichotillomania, the behavior where a person will compulsively pull out her hair. Or, how we do this, treat someone who suffers from this kind of behavior?

On this website about treatment for trichotillomania you can already read a first response to this question under frequently asked questions (SEE ANSWER TO QUESTION 7: What is your approach / method with Treatment for Trichotillomania – cure?).

In this blog post I’ll give you some additional insights in a conceptual way, based on the example of just one person who used to suffer from Trichotillomania and I was able to help (continued below once logged in).

Treatment for Trichotillomania, cure for overcoming compulsive hair pulling, means learning to take better care of yourself

Treatment for Trichotillomania, cure for overcoming compulsive hair pulling, means learning to take better care of yourself among other things, in a way that truly works for you.

Let me explain this with an example. Recently I was allowed to help someone overcome Trichotillomania who had noticed that when her stress levels would rise, she started to pull (out her hair) more often. That there was a clear relation between the amount of stress she would experience and the frequency/intensity of pulling out hair during the day.

Now the remarkable thing with stress is that it is NOT something which is ´falling out of the sky´! It is something that actually does not exist. For example when you are standing in line at the bakery shop and he’s asking: How may we help you today? That your answer will be something like: ‘may I have an ounce of stress today’!

Stress is just a made up word by mankind how we feel as a result of how we do or deal with a situation we face. Also very subjective, because every person will have his or her own unique experience. Something that can be quite stressful for one person can be completely the opposite for another.

Treatment for Trichotillomania – cure, versus contributing to stress

In general we can state that people looking for treatment for trichotillomania – cure (and othters too :)) will NOT enjoy experiencing (too) much stress on a regular basis.

treatment for trichotillomaniaThen the question to ask yourself is how you contribute to experience all these feelings of stress in your life?

For example: on a rational level you can have all kinds of great reasons why you are living your life the way you are today and why you behave the way you do in certain situations with what you are supposed to say or not say, to do or not do.

Why all these things are good, sensible or wise. For example being in a job that you completely dislike, but yes, ‘the chimney has to smoke’ and alternative jobs are limited in the current economic climate. So, better stick with this job for the time being, right!

But as soon as you notice that this leads to high levels of stress, apparently this doesn’t really serve you well and demands better alternatives if you truly want to learn to take good care of yourself. For example quitting this job and use the freed up energy and time to find a better alternative or learning new skills for creating peace of mind in the existing job.

Because one of the things that is happening with every person who suffers from trichotillomania is that the subconscious, from which this behavior for pulling out hair is generated, is actually ´ringing the bell´. Showing you that you HAVE to take better care of you!

With its only aim to protect you and look after you. (SEE ALSO RELATED BLOG POST: How quickly can effective treatment for trichotillomania be provided?)

Treatment for trichotillomania, cure, is more than taking better care of you.

With treatment for trichotillomania – cure, taking better care of you is often a big step in the right direction for most people who want to learn how to stop hair pulling

However, for most people it will still be difficult to suddenly change automatic behavioral responses at a conscious level, even when you have started to take better care of yourself. (See also our free self-help course for better knowledge and understanding about treatment for trichotillomania.)

That is why it is important to do something extra if you truly want to set yourself free from this destructive behavior. And that is to learn to apply wonderful and powerful mental techniques that will allow you to ………

Overcome the urge for pulling out your hair with treatment for trichotillomania – cure

For overcoming the urge for pulling out your hair with treatment for trichotillomania – cure, you will have to learn how to take better care of yourself in a way that truly works.

For example, in the situation above in a way that leads to more peace of mind in situations where you currently still feel mentally challenged.

Besides that it is important to learn overcome the urge itself for pulling out your hair and no longer be at the mercy of this. Because despite good intentions, it is my experience when that urge becomes too strong, people will just do it, pull out their hair. Luckily there are great and powerful mental techniques available that we will learn you in order to tackle this.

Techniques that we will tailor for you specifically, making sure they will effectively allow you to change your current automatic behavior patterns. Techniques we will train you in during the facilitation process, both in our coaching practice and through the self-coaching material that you will receive from us afterwards.

Allowing you to fully gain back control over your own behavior in a way that truly works for you, both today and in the future!

With love & wishing you well


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