How we came up with a unique approach to help you stop pulling out your hair!

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What´s this video about?

This video will explain to you how the unique program for treatment of trichotillomania from the team of Getting Better came along.

When the first person looking for treatment of trichotillomania asked for help, Rik prepared himself for quite some time and came up with an initial approach.

Although he did not know if it would work, he gave his all with what he had learned over time and then let go. To his great delight he was able to help that person who had struggled for 9 years.

After that first client, many followed. Over time, the initial approach for treatment of trichotillomania he developed was further fine-tuned and adapted with what he learned from his clients.

In this video, Rik, who initiated treatment for trichotillomania, will introduce himself and explain how to deal with that question that is on the mind of a lot of people who struggle with this behavior, how to stop hair pulling?

An answer that may surprise you and has very little to do with conscious insights, because learning how to stop hair pulling has everything to do with learning how to change unconscious behavioral reflexes. But also how to take well care of yourself at a deeper level. Something we seldom learn at school or in society at large.

He will also explain how the international team of treatment for trichotillomania is now able to provide personal therapy for trichotillomania in various countries around the world with the same approach.

And how the program ‘the comformatable leap towards freedom’ is set up. A program you can follow from home and incorporates everything that was learned over the years to help people stop pulling and change their life for the better.

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