Success stories of people who overcame Trichotillomania

If you currently suffer from Trichotillomania you can find 4 personal success stories below that we have selected to inspire you for a better quality of life. A life free from Trichotillomania.

Personal stories of people looking for treatment and we were allowed to assist. Have a read through them or simply listen to the video messages to convince yourself that you too can overcome this when you are determined to do so and learn how to do this.

When you start to notice that these stories inspire you of freeing yourself from this kind of unwanted behaviour, have a look at Expert Talk – Overcoming Trichotillomania as a possible first and comfortable step on your way to freedom.

If you have any specific questions before moving ahead, feel free to contact us and we will try to respond to you within 3 working days.

Success stories overcoming Trichotillomania


Success story nr 1

Overcoming Trichotillomaniaafter 9 years in only 5 hours!

Success story nr 2

Traveling abroad to overcomeTrichotillomania with a surprise!

Success story nr 3

After years of struggle throughlife again with beautiful eyelashes!

Success story nr 4

Overcoming Trichotillomaniaafter 20 years rather quickly!

Success story nr 5

After more than 10 years finallyfree through online program!