Something important about Trichotillomania treatment I quickly learned and why I care

treatment for trichotillomania important information

In this new audio recording from our podcast series “winning from Trichotillomania” I will share something important I learned from the first person I ever helped with Trichotillomania. It’s also the reason why I care so much in helping anybody who struggles with hair pulling. Below the audio recording itself you can listen to her…

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Do You Sincerely Want To Be Free From Hairpulling?

how to stop hair pulling advice

If so, than read this blogpost. Because if you sincerely want to learn to become free from hairpulling, this article can hopefully safe you years of frustration and grief by opening yourself up for changing your approach how you go about it, if you or someone you know is struggling with this. Now if you have…

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Quitting hair pulling – It can be done!

trichotillomania treatment

There is a wonderful new interview available that I love to share about trichotillomania treatment. You can listen to it by pressing the play button below. In this very personal interview someone we helped reflects how she suffered from Trichotillomania for many years. Through many disappointments over time in trying to quite pulling, either on her…

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How do you know it’s really possible for me to change through trichotillomania therapy? A LITTLE KNOWN SECRET!

Changing through thrichotillomania therapy, how does this work? Getting Better provides treatment for trichotillomania with a guarantee. Find out how we can help you to stop pulling out your hair. When you are interested to learn how to stop hair pulling, you may want to know that we get this question from many of our…

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WHAT I LEARNED from getting professional trichotillomania treatment that really changed my life for the better!

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How to Make Learning ‘How To Stop Hair Pulling’ Fun!

As soon as you register for our free Trichotillomania consultation session, you will learn about two things that I know are very important in life to achieve what we want. They will be good for 80 % of your success in learning to overcome Trichotillomania. I like to tell you more about them in this…

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How to create a breakthrough from hair pulling in less than 3 hours!

Special notice: This post is not only meant to educate you on practical behavior psychology, but train you as well on how to change your behavior if you suffer from Trichotillomania. It´s all about creating breakthrouhs in your life in 3 easy steps. These are the forces that together can massively change any and every aspect of…

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  Here is some wonderful and exciting news that I can now proudly share with you on this website. We have just released a brand new audio recording on overcoming Trichotillomania.  In it I interview someone who could not believe she could actually overcome Trichotillomania when she contacted us for the very first time. One…

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The first challenges after trichotillomania therapy and having learned how to stop hair pulling!

trichotillomania treatment challenge

How to stop hair pulling? Treatment for Trichotillomania provides therapy. Blog post by someone who overcame the urge for pulling out hair with help and now inspires others to overcome this too. Hair picking had been a big part of my life and the first challenges after the completion of the trichotillomania therapy were already…

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SELF-TREATMENT METHOD for trichotillomania THAT DID NOT HELP me any further but costed me dearly!

How to stop hair pulling? Treatment for Trichotillomania provides cure with a guarantee. Blog post by someone who overcame hair picking and now inspires others to stop pulling out their hair too.   Self-treatment for Trichotillomania. Is that something you have tried yourself as well? Trying to cure yourself of the urge for pulling out…

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