Yes, all the success stories of the people we provided treatment for Trichotillomania for and shared on this website are 100 % true.

And do realize that these are just some of the stories out of all the people we were already allowed to help. We have chosen to publish the stories of people who were open for this and complemented each other, allowing you to recognize yourself as much as possible in them.

So when reading these stories, be conscious of their enormous power and inspiration. Not only to you if you still suffer from Trichotillomania, but also to the person behind the story herself. Someone who wanted to share what she had to go through to set herself free from Trichotillomania and now gladly inspires others to follow in her food steps.

Because all of these people realized that we are here on this planet to help each other and that sharing their story was one of the most beautiful ways to inspire others and pass on their success.

In order to create these stories we simply asked all them a couple of questions afterwards in real life after they learned how to overcome Trichotillomania. Their answers were then transformed into personal stories and published on this website with their approval, which they sometimes complemented with a personal video message.

All in order to let you know that you can achieve this too when you still suffer from Trichotillomania in your life and are looking for a cure – treatment.

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Trichotillomania cure: success storiesvideo messages.

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