There is a wonderful new video interview on learning how to stop hair pulling that I love to share, which I have included for you below.

It is the inspiring story of someone we helped who at first thought she could never overcome Trichotillomania, because she struggled with this behavior for more than 19 years and was never able to stop be behavior before.

Our experience is that situations like these often arise because there are few, if any, social workers who are really specialized and dedicated in helping people with this kind of behavior. They do it ‘on the site’ in addition to many other forms of consultation.

This sometimes then contributes to the perception (in our opinion incorrectly) that this is a persistent form of behavior that is difficult to overcome.

And so, the pulling then continues, in this instance for more than 19 years. And also as a result, constantly alert and anxious if other people will notice or what they may think of you if they find out (which only intensifies the hair pulling). Trying to hide from it all, but deep down inside longing for a better way.

This was also very much the experience for Alicja, who you will meet in this video and wanted to share her experience after we helped her. Because at first, she could hardly believe that she actually stopped pulling and also rather quickly after she participated in one of our breakthrough sessions for Trichotillomania.

trichotillomania treatment breakthroughBut now she wants to share her experience. In it, I interview her and asked her about her biggest insights and what finally did it.

Personally, I love these kind of interviews, where someone expresses it in her own words to inspire and help others too.

If you are struggling with Trichotillomania yourself and want to find out more about our approach to help you stop pulling our your hair, then go here.

With love and wishing you well,


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