Trichotillomania has a very negative impact on the quality of life for the person involved *.

treatment for trichotillomania
Join in & contribute to end unnecessary suffering for a lot of people in this world by stopping Trichotillomania!

Unfortunately we don’t talk a lot about this behaviour in society, but at the same time many suffer from it. Estimates vary between 1 and 5 % of the population!

What I have learned over time is that many fight this behaviour in isolation, ignorance and shame with no real progress. They often shed their tears of pain and frustration hidden from the outside world but would grab any life line of loving support that will help to change this for the better.

Through this website I want to offer that loving support to all the people who still suffer from Trichotillomania and are desperately looking for effective help.

If you want to know why I care, here is my answer. My take on life is simple: we come with nothing and we leave with nothing in this world. So it is up to all of us to make our days count and live a life of meaning.

Helping as many people as possible to overcome Trichotillomania contributes to the meaning in my life. By simply ending a lot of unnecessary suffering in this world and improve the life of those involved for the better!

The 1 on 1 coaching that I do for overcoming Trichotillomania is wonderful, but has it limits on the number of people I can reach. But when I create an international team of loving and well qualified professionals and also create wonderful self-help material that will allow people to overcome Trichotillomania on their own, suddenly a lot more people can be helped. That is the dream!

All I can tell you is that a lot of hard work and a lot of resources have already been invested  to manifest this dream into reality thus far. And although it is something I do with great pleasure from my heart, I to have limits to my own resources.

So if you feel inspired in any way to contribute to ending unnecessary suffering in this world for a lot of people who still suffer from Trichotillomania, feel very much invited to tip me with a small donation.

treatment for trichotillomania treatment for trichotillomaniaYou can simply do this through the Tip Jar that you can find on the right side at the bottom of each page.

I have left the amount open, which is still to be filled out by you at your discretion. Know that your donation will be safely processed through PayPal and that these funds – big or small – will be much appreciated and used for a good cause.

They will allow me to keep focussing my energy as much as possible on setting up the team and creating self-help material to overcome Trichotillomania for a lot more people in this world. The more resources I have at my disposal, the quicker I am able to fully manifest this dream into reality.

I sincerely wish that your gift will also contribute to your own life in many ways. If for nothing else, to a life of meaning by doing something wonderful for others where we can!

Thank you very much  for assisting and sharing this message.

With love and wishing you well – Namasté,

Rik van Bastelaar

* If you are unfamiliar with Trichotillomania and want to inform yourself how this behaviour negatively impacts the quality of life, I kindly invite you to read some of the personal success stories on this website. They will help you understand this from the perception of people who suffered from this in the past and have already learned to overcome it.