“We help people who suffer from Trichotillomania in the comfort and privacy of their own home to quickly and easily overcome hair pulling and get a full life again. Works even if you have been pulling for the last 50 years on all areas where hair grows and have failed with everything you have ever tried.”

Treatment for Trichotillomania is an activity of Getting Better.

Our international team of loving and highly qualified professionals offer support, insights and self-help tools for treating compulsive hair pulling, also known as Trichotillomania, TTM or simply Trich.

The essence of our approach for helping people overcome Trichotillomania is to assist them in learning how to take more control of the mental power they carry within as humans.

We offer both personal coaching services and a powerful integrated program that you can follow from home for treating / overcoming Trichotillomania. Both options are offered with a 100 % satisfaction guarantee upfront, because we believe that when you make use of professional services you have the right to receive what you pay for.

Call it a kind of quality mark from the start. Too many times we hear about people who have lost confidence in professional healthcare services, and themselves, since results unnecessary failed to materialize. Changing that and the love for assisting others to grow is what motivates us.

In this way we contribute by:

  • allowing our customers instantly to get better, who quite rightly, only pay for results;
  • improving the professional health care services industry;
  • Getting Better ourselves, which is caused by this way of working.

Getting Better is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (nr: 39097689) under the name ‘Beter Worden‘.