“I KNOW WHAT TRICHOTILLOMANIA IS AND CAN HELP, REALLY! Even if you have been pulling for most of your life and have failed with everything you have ever tried.”

Helping you discover how & where to change your current approach for a more effective one is what this session is all about!

You have reached this page because you want to overcome compulsive hair pulling through personal coaching. That means you want to grow, change, or in other words: transform your life for the better!

Experience learns that many personal transformation processes are unnecessarily difficult – take a long time – due to a lack of motivation. That is a shame and completely unnecessary, because overcoming Trichotillomania is something that is very achievable and rather quickly.

To support you in your growth process we kindly offer you – without further obligations – a wonderful self-coaching questionnaire called “Getting Real“.

Through well-targeted questions that carry the power of transformation in them, this questionnaire helps you with prioritization and motivation for overcoming Trichotillomania!

Send us your answers to our questionnaire and also receive an invitation for a personal freedom consultation session with one of our behavioral experts for treatment of Trichotillomania.

Simply fill out your contact details below to get started and access to the questionnaire that has already helped a lot of people as a first step to a better quality of life. A life free of Trichotillomania!

“Getting Better helps people who suffer from Trichotillomania in the convenience and privacy of their own home to quickly and easily learn to overcome hairpulling and get a full life again. Works even if you have been pulling for the last 50 years on all areas where hair grows and have failed with everything you have ever tried.”