trichotillomania treatment for trichotillomania


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Fleur on what she learned in this online training and how it helped her

 “Recently I followed this online training about Trichotillomania and Making Choices and was amazed by the outcome.

When I reflect on when I pulled before, I realize that sometimes I was kind of ‘bored’ or worried about something in my life.

Not that I was always consciously aware that this was happening, but with hindsight and the insights I have gained this was definitely true more often than not.

I find it fascinating how I am now able to consult my ´inner self´ for answers to situations that I used to worry about or found just difficult to decide upon.

If I would summarize it, this allows me to act quicker and much better to create situations that are good for me and to my liking. But also change the ones that are not.

As a result I feel better, more in control and also notice a positive impact on overcoming this behavior.

I think this is something everybody with Trichotillomania needs to experience for him or herself and really “feel” what is does to you. 

I will definitely keep using this method at times of doubt, having noticed how well this works for me. “




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