Our approach for helping you with treatment for trichotillomania – cure is aimed at allowing you to independently setting yourself free from this kind of behavior.

The positive impact of our assistance will be the direct result of what we will teach in our coaching practice and the self-support material that you will receive afterwards.

The work in our coaching practice will be a mixture of personal coaching and training. In an interactive way we will help you to discover how you actually do this form of behavior (the structure of it) and how you can positively change this for the better.

During that process we will teach you some mental re-patterning exercises that you sometimes have to carry out with your eyes open and sometimes with your eyes closed for better concentration.

Afterwards we will invite you to practice a number or these exercises at home for a limited period of time, often with a time investment of 30 minutes per day.

All these exercises are great fun to do, but more importantly very effective for learning how to take back control over your own behavior. Because sometimes as humans we can mentally hinder / limit ourselves through our own behavior. That in itself does not have to be a challenge, but it will be when that behavior is mainly happening unconsciously.

For example: think about someone who can easily give a presentation to a group of friends, but will suddenly freeze internally when giving the same presentation to a large audience of strangers. How can you consciously take back control in that instance when you kind of automatically seem to freeze up inside?

In essence actually quite similar to someone who will suddenly pull out her hair, despite all the previous good intentions to stop doing this. That is why we often explain that despite the negative impact of Trichotillomania in your life thus far, learning to overcome this kind of behavior also carries a gift for you.

Simply because during that process you will learn how to mentally take back control over your own behavior in situations where you currently may feel challenged and behavior is mainly happening at an unconscious level.

A skill we seldom learn at school or in society, but one that will very likely also support you later on in other areas of your life in terms of feeling great and more easily achieving goals you desire in your life.

Finally we will help your during the support process to get clear how you can take better care for yourself in daily life. In a way where there is simply no longer a desire or need to pull out your hair.

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