How to stop hair pulling? Treatment for Trichotillomania provides cure with a guarantee. Blog post by someone who overcame hair picking and now inspires others to stop pulling out their hair too.

Feeling sad and unhappy by the results of me pulling out my own hair, behavior with a very strange name – Trichotillomania

The first couple of years when I suffered from Trichotillomania and pulled out my hair from my head you could hardly see any of the consequences on the outside.

I was a normal teenager, was never being bullied, went to school like all the other kids, did my best, had a couple of great friends, nice parents and a wonderful sister.

But on the inside the sadness in me was growing.

I had difficulty understanding the world around me and at the same time was doing something what seemed very strange, pulling out my own hair!

Ignore, ignore, ignore was my motto. And as years went by, I kept hoping that the hair pulling behavior would simply stop one day. Unfortunately it did not.

I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that ignoring Trichotillomania in your life is not the solution. The behavior is compulsive and any compulsive behavior will seldom just go away by itself as I learned the hard way initially!

Facing and admitting that you have a problem when you pull out your own hair

Facing and admitting that you have a problem when you pull out your own hair may seem difficult at first. But from my own experience I can assure you that in the long-term it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

Solutions and understanding are often a lot closer than you may think. And I truly believe that you always have a problem because you are also capable of solving it.

But only once you’re open to this. To take the opportunity for learning and growing. And to be completely honest and respectful to yourself for wanting and deserving a better quality of life by overcoming Trichotillomania.

Treatment for Trichotillomania – cure: the first step

Having landed on this website to me means that you are looking for treatment for trichotillomania, a cure too.

That in itself is just a great first and very important step I can tell you. That´s how it started with me too to set myself free.

As you continue to read and watch the stories of myself and others on this website who already learned to overcome Trichotillomania with a little help, you will come to know that you’re not the only person who suffers from this.

And also that the behavior is not that strange (although it may appear so at first) and that there truly is a solution for overcoming compulsive hair pulling. For you too.

And feelings of sadness, shame, frustration and being unhappy with yoruself will quickly belong to the past as soon as you stop with ignoring and hiding yourself from what is truly going on.

Because a better quality of life is not the reward you will receive by running away from your problems! That reward can only become yours by taking full ownership and appropriate action to overcome this behavior, something only you can make happen!

With all my love and wishing you well on your journey for setting yourself free!


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Stephanie is someone who learned to overcome Trichotillomania with the support of the people behind Treatment for Trichotillomania – Getting Better to whom this website belongs. Through her joy and excitement afterwards she wanted to contribute in helping others who currently still struggle with this behavior in their life. Initially she did this through sharing her story in overcoming Trichotillomania and her video messages on Youtube. Messages that have already helped many people to build up the confidence and belief to take appropriate action and set themselves free from compulsive hair pulling. Since the beginning of 2012 she also blogs on this website to further inspire existing hair pullers to follow in her footsteps for a better quality of life, a life free of Trichoillomania.