trichotillomania - how to stop hair pulling approach
Wondering how to stop hair pulling? Then read this blog post about effective trichotillomania therapy!

If there is one question that is often asked of us at treatment for trichotillomania then it is this one?

How can you help me stop pulling out my hair? How do you do that, what is your approach for effective and long losting trichotillomania therapy?

A question that I like to address in this blog post for anyone interested and needing help to overcome the urge for pulling out hair too.

Since we are in the process of updating our website with all the relevant information for our ´Trichotillomania Freedom Program´, I will address it through one of the frequently asked questions we have created about this program that deals with this topic.


Q: “What is the philosophy behind the program to overcome Trichotillomania?”

A: The philosophy behind this program is summed up for you below:

  1. to help you become free and stay free from the urge for hair pulling;
  2. allow you to achieve this independent of other people, now and in the future;
  3. allow you to achieve this in the comfort of your own place, without having to travel back and forward for separate time consuming appointments;
  4. allow you to achieve this in a confidential way, without having to share anything with others;
  5. allow you to achieve this at a pace that works best with your existing obligations;
  6. only pay for something that truly works to free yourself from trichotillomania;
  7. allow you to discover the effectiveness of the program in a risk free way.

But also helping you to prevent this from happening:

  • having to pay for 1 on 1 support from professionals with hourly fees that are often unpredictable on outcome and duration;
  • negative experiences that many of our clients had before, where they often felt like looking for a needle in a haystack to find someone to help them, who most often were hardly trained and specialized in Trichotillomania, resulting in unnecessary: disappointments, investments and years of pulling.

The essence of any effective and long losting trichotillomania therapy!

How to stop hair pulling , trichotillomania therapy, how to stop hair pulling
The essence of effective long lasting trichotillomania therapy

The essence of this program and any effective long losting trichotillomania therapy is to help you take back control over your own unconscious behavior, the level where you currently still build up the urge for pulling, most likely without consciously realizing how you actually do this at present.

Learning how to make your unconscious behavior work better for you with what you consciously want is actually great fun and something we should all become better at as far as I am concerned. Simply because 95 % of everything we do as humans happens at an unconscious level and very often on auto pilot.

I also want you to know that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you for currently still pulling out your hair and that hindering yourself through unconscious behavior happens to many people in daily life. And unfortunately most people seldom learn how to take appropriate corrective measures.

For example: think about someone who can easily give a presentation to a group of friends, but suddenly ´freezes-up´ inside when giving the same presentation to a large audience of strangers.

How can you consciously feel confident when you kind of go ‘blank inside’ inside and feel like dying on stage? How do you order feeling confident at will?  In essence actually quite similar to hair pulling where you unconsciously build up the urge for pulling, despite all your previous conscious intentions to stop doing so.

So what will help as effective treatment for trichotillomania and what will not?

trichotillomania therapy help
How effective trichotillomania therapy can help you!

What you don’t need to free yourself from Trichotillomania is someone consciously talking to you or you talking to yourself. What you actually need to stop pulling out your hair is learning how to take back control of your behavior at an unconscious level, which is exactly what this program will help you with.

I also want you to know that learning how to free yourself from Trichotillomania will very likely be a much bigger present for yourself then you probably ever expected.

Simply because as you go through the program you will also learn how to mentally take back control over your own behavior in situations where you currently may feel challenged and behavior is mainly happening at an unconscious level.

A skill we seldom learn at school or in society, but one that I know can support you later on in other areas of your life in terms of feeling great and more easily achieving the things you desire in life, either for yourself or those you care about!

Finally after reading this post I recommend you (re)read the  critical 10 steps for effective trichotillomania that form the heart of our program to help you make the leap towards freeedom too. They hopefully make a lot of sense and help you further after reading this post.

You can find the the details of these 10 steps for effective trichotillomania therapy in our free membership area via the button below.

Recentely I also uploaded a new video on how we ended up helping people to stop pulling out their hair that I recommend you watch as a follow-up well, if you have not done so.

With love and wishing you well,


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