How to stop hair pulling? Probably a question you have asked yourself many times.

It is also a question we get asked many times at treatment for trichotillomania / Getting Better!

Let me help you to get a better understanding how this all works.

First, it is NOT by telling yourself consciously to stop, because when the urge for pulling out hair is strong enough, you simply do it.

how to stop hair pulling, trichotillomania treatmentSomething you probably already discovered for yourself and a pattern that can continue for years as explained by Julie before in this blog post.

So what else you may wonder? Well, I am very pleased to let you know that we have just uploaded an audio recording that covers this topic in more details and you access it via the ‘audio and video section’ of our free membership area or directly via the button below.

How to stop hair pulling? What is it all about? Listen to the recording here in our free membership area »

Enjoy - with love and wishing you well!


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