How to stop hair pulling? Treatment for Trichotillomania provides cure with a guarantee. Blog post by mental coach & trainer learning people how to cure hair picking and get their life back.

trichotillomania cureThere is often one question that stands out for most people during treatment for trichotillomania.

Because as soon as people discover for the first time that they compulsively pull out their hair and are unable to stop this behavior on their own, they become frustrated and often feel ashamed.

Especially when other people in their close vicinity (with all good intentions) keep advising them to simply stop with it. And when that is something you truly want yourself as well but you don’t seem to succeed at it, the following question will soon come to mind:

Why? Why do you do this and why do you continue doing it when you no longer want to? Is something wrong with you because of this? The answer to this question is a definite no! You are very normal, but have just learned and installed an automatic behavioral process. Something we are all capable of as humans.

For the people behind Getting Better, overcoming Trichotillomania is quite similar to learning overcome other forms of compulsive behavior which are probably better known and more accepted in society.

Think for example of nail biting or smoking. There are many people who suffer from these kind of behaviors and want to stop with it, but often just keep doing it despite of their previous good intentions.

And when you tell other people that you smoke, everyone immediately understands what you mean. But when you tell people that you compulsively pull out your hair, many people will be quite astonished. As if you are coming from Mars and suffer from a mad disease.

But you are just as human and just as normal as any other person on this planet, you just have not learned how to set yourself free from Trichotillomania, that’s all.

In fact, I dare to clame that all the people I personally helped to overcome Trichotillomania who were looking for treatment are positively standing out from the crowd how they life their lifes.

With love & wishing you well – Rik

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