Very soon now we are going live with the trichotillomania treatment webinar I pre-announced last week.

In this blog post I like to expend upon the topic of your subconscious / unconscious mind and learning to overcome Trichotillomania.

To give you some more background information and prepare for the webinar.


Trichotillomania therapy  – the working or our brain and how we do behavior!

As I shared via our website before, belief patterns are an example of subconscious / unconscious behavior.

trichotillomania treatmentNot so much that we ‘do beliefs’, but what we believe will influence our behavior with what you will or will not do in a situation.

This all happens very subtle and often ‘below the radar’ of our conscious processing, often in a split second.

It is by asking great questions that our beliefs can ‘come to the surface’.

The most basic example is whether you believe you can overcome Trichotillomania.

Because whether you believe you can or cannot, you will be ´right´ in both cases. Because your actions will reflect those beliefs.

The problem with personal beliefs is that they often have nothing to do with ´the truth´.

As if something is absolutely true e.g. Can you fly like a bird using your hands?

They are often about a subjective truth, the way we personally experience things to be true or not.

e.g. Am I able to do this or not?

But it is always our actions that give away our true beliefs.

That’s why there is so much truth in the saying: ‘actions speak louder than words’.


Trichotillomania therapy and learning to change beliefs that may hinder you!

treatment for trichotillomania inner allignmentNow beliefs don’t just happen. They are the result of everything we have experienced in life and what we heard when we grew up. Both the good and the bad.

During the upcoming webinar I will share some practical examples of people I worked with over the years.

Including how we can sometimes carry beliefs within that are great for others, but don’t really serve us.

So for example a loving parent can influence a child with rules that become beliefs inside the child that don´t really serve the child itself later on in life.

Since we are all unique individuals that have to sing our own tunes in order to feel great and fulfilled.

That´s why learning to honor and respect our own wishes and desires and expressing who you really are is so important for all of us.

And can sometimes be a real challenge later on in life by the way we have been conditioned.

That is why Abraham Maslow also spoke about the importance of ´learning to become independent of other people´ in order to self-actualize ourselves in life.

trichotillomania therapySo in order to be really free and feel free, one of the things we have to learn is how to uncondition ourselves from the rules that don´t really serve us.

Rules that may prevent us from expressing who we really are, how we really feel, and what we really want and need.

Otherwise we may feel great on the one hand since we live by the rules in our head, but feel lousy on the other hand with ´how life´ treats us´.

To be continued ………..

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