August 18th – 2011

Treatment for TrichotillomaniaThe team of Getting Better proudly opens her new webshop today for inspiring and supporting even more people in overcoming Trichotillomania / compulsive hair pulling.


Reasoning behind webshop treatment for Trichotillomania

Rik van Bastelaar, founder of Getter Better and actively involved in supporting people who suffer from Trichotillomania in their life, explains this new phase in the existence of Getting Better as follows:

“Trichotillomania simply has a very negative impact on the quality of life for the person involved. A lot of people who suffer from this type of behaviour often fight it in isolation, ignorance and shame with no real progress. From the early start of our existence we have been providing practical support to overcome trichotillomania.

And although I can proudly say that we have been able to help quite a number of people through our 1 on 1 coaching assistance, we’re also have to face the limits of the services we can currently provide. For instance, our mental coaches can only assist one person per day. Also, sometimes it is quite a challenge to instantly help anyone who knocks on our door. And for some people from a country far away it can be quite an endeavour to come to the Netherlands on short notice once they become inspired by our personal approach with a satisfaction guarantee.

As a result we were looking for alternative ways to inspire, help and support people remotely, the main reason behind launching this web shop. “

How to stop hair pulling? Three levels as treatment – cure – for Trichotillomania

The webshop, which is meant to overcome Trichotillomania yourself in the end, has three logical levels, divided into various product categories.


Trichotillomania cure – level 1

Hope and inspiration that Trichotillomania can be treated successfully is of course required to start in the first place. To assist in this process we  created the category “Expert Talk“.

In these audio series, personal learning’s and important insights from someone who already overcame overcome Trichotillomania are addressed together with a behaviour expert and reflected upon.


Here are some of the benefits of the Expert Talk audio series for overcoming Trichotillomania:

  • Hope and inspiration for more effective behaviour and a better quality of life.
  • First hand insights and advice from someone who already overcome Trichotillomania.
  • Acknowledgement and recognition for a type of behaviour a lot of people suffer from but we hardly talk about publically (because it often seems strange at first).
  • Privacy to benefit from personal learnings from someone who already overcame Trichotillomania that can help change lives of others for the better too.


Trichotillomania cure – level 2

For the next step to cure yourself from Trichotillomania you will have to delve into theoretical knowledge. Understanding how behavioural processes and our brain work. To assist you in this process we  created the category “How does that work?“.


Trichotillomania cure – level 3

The final step to cure yourself from Trichotillomania is to learn how you can make changes in your own subconscious thought & behavioural processes.  The processes that are dominant with behaviour like Trichotillomania. To assist you in this process we  created the category “How do you do that?”.


The process of self treatment for Trichotillomania made easy

The three logical levels can easily be compared to the process of learning how to drive a car. First you need to have hope – inspiration that you too can learn this in order to start in the first place. Then follows the theory. Because the car and the road are working just fine, but you still need to learn the rules for making the two work hand in hand. And finally follows the practical part: learning to drive the car and transporting yourself safely to your destination.


Expert Talk – Overcoming Trichotillomania

ThTreatment for Trichotillomaniae first product at level 1 (see above)  is now available in the webshop under the name ‘Expert Talk – Overcoming Trichotillomania‘.

In this audio recording a very brave lady is intensively interviewed who suffered from Trichotillomania for more than 9 years and was able to overcome it through our assistance in only 5 hours.


Treatment for Trichotillomania: the wonder of inspiring others

Through the input of all the people we were allowed to assist to overcome Trichotillomania, it is proven time after time that the stories of others who already overcame this compulsive hair pulling habit are extremely important for those who still suffer!

They inspire in many ways and make if often a lot easier for the next person to step up in his or her life too. They help think more in opportunities and contribute to the required self empowering attitude for moving ahead to overcome Trichotillomania too.


Overcoming Trichotillomania – what does it take?

Here is what’s inside the recoding on what it takes to overcome Trichotillomania:

  • Most important insights for overcoming Trichotillomania from someone who already overcame it;
  • How Trichotillomania holds you back from your true self;
  • Why most people do this kind of behaviour;
  • How to stop fighting yourself and move towards freedom;
  • What is really important when you want to overcome Trichotillomania yourself;
  • The positive and negative impact of outsiders for overcoming Trichotillomania and how to make this work for you;
  • How difficult – easy is it to overcome Trichotillomania / What did it take;
  • Loving advice from an ´ex hair puller´ for those who are still struggling with this;
  • Benefits for overcoming Trichotillomania, how your life improves afterwards.


For whom is the Trichotillomania recording intended?

The overcoming Trichotillomania recording is intended for both people who still suffer from Trichotillomania as well as bystanders who would like to get a better understanding of this behaviour.

Either out of curiosity or simply wanting to find out how to best support someone who currently suffers from what is also referred to as the hair pulling disease.


How can you get hold of the Trichotillomania recording?

treatment for trichotillomania

People interested in this audio recording on overcoming Trichotillomania can buy it straight from the  treatment for trichotillomania webshop.

Payment are safely processed by PayPal and it’s fully protected and guaranteed by them.