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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is what I learn in this program so important for overcoming Trichotillomania?

Almost anybody who suffers from Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling) wants to stop doing this kind of behavior.

However, what you consciously want is not always the deciding factor in the results that you achieve. Because sometimes we can hinder ourselves with what we will or will not do. This is also true for Trichotillomania, a kind of behavior that you mainly ‘do’ subconsciously.

What you will learn to apply in this online program is the core principle that contributed to a critical turning point that led towards freedom from this behavior for all our clients.

As soon as you notice that hardly anything changes over time in doing this behavior, it is almost guaranteed that you have not learned yet how to (successfully) apply this principle into your own life.


2. What is your philosophy for treatment of Trichotillomania?

In essence, to help you not only become free but stay free from the urge to pull your hair. For more details on our philosophy to help you with this, click here.


3. What should I suspect as a result from this program?

To create an internal shift and a strong foundation that will help you to move towards freedom from this behavior. We consider this 80 % of the impact you need. Also, it is our experience that the main reason why people often struggle with this behavior for so many years is that they have not learned yet how to successfully apply what we will teach you in this program.


4. What is the time investment to go through this program?

You can go through this program in just one day, but can also spread it over several days, depending on the time you have at your disposal.


5. How is the material being offered?

Via audio, video and documentation.


6. Will it technically work for me to access the material?

We have intensely tested this and as far as we know, the audio and video files that form the heart of this program, will play on almost any device through which you can access the Internet. Devices you may use are a PC (Windows or MAC), Tablet PC or Smartphone.


7. Should I make a personal appointment first or can I already register?

Anybody we assist needs to go through this program first for any personal follow-up assistance from one of our coaches specilized in treatment of Trichotillomania.


8. Is personal assistance included in this program?

Yes, a personal breathrough session with one of our coaches is part of this program. Once you are logged in, you will be able to schedule this session at a time that suits you best.


9. What does the personal breakthrough session involve?

To teach you how to change your personal subconscious pattern of hair pulling. More information on the fun and powerfull session can be found here.


10. Is additional personal assistance included in this program?

Yes, if needed, you are entitled to additional personal assistance from any of our specialized coaches during the first 30 days after registering for this program, completely free of charge!

Once you are logged in you can contact our team via the ´help button´ on the right for any possible support of what you will learn in this program.

Support can easily be provided remotely via email, telephone or Voice Over IP Services like Skype, but if you prefer, even face to face in one of our international coaching practices.

However, from experience we can tell you that personal assistance is seldom needed, since the program is very easy to use for most people on their own.

We have included this option it to assure you can get everything you can out of this program or if you are still a bit unfamiliar with the current online possibilities to help you.


11. How long do I have access to the material?

You get unrestricted access to the content of this program for a whole year.


12. How quickly will I be able to access the material after my registration?

After your registration you will get immediate access to the material.


13. Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?

Yes, you will automatically receive a confirmation via email.


14. How secure is it to register via PayPal?

Highly secure, since PayPal uses industry-leading technology to keep your information safe.


15. What does the guarantee entail?

That should you be dissatisfied, you are entitled to ask for a refund.


16. What is your refund policy?

If the content fails to meet your expectations within 30 days of purchase, call us on our International Support Line (phone nr: +31 85 – 888 1239) to let us know. We will refund you with only 3 questions asked… here they are:

  1. “What happened?”
  2. “What should have happened?”
  3. “How can we make it right?”

If you still want a refund after that 3rd question, you’ll get it with no additional questions asked.


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