This morning I received a video from a dear person that also relates to the subject of treatment of trichotillomania.

It comes from Michael Neill, a wonderful person with a big heart who shares his insights how we often create our own subjective experiences that can influence our behavior.

treatment for trichotillomania free tipsYou can watch the video below.

What I like to add is that those subjective experiences will often decide the way we feel and what we do or do not do as a result.

Now this all happens very quickly, but the examples that he uses will hopefully clarify how something that may seem real for one person can mean something completely different for someone else.

So have a look at the video below first (it is very inspirational), and then I will add some reflections underneath how this relates to the subject of treatment of trichotillomania.


Video from Michael on the thoughts in our head

How this relates to treatment of trichotillomania

how to stop hair pulling

Let me share some further thoughts on what Michael explains and how this relates to treatment of trichotillomania.

There are a lot of subconscious patterns with Trichotillomania that can either directly or indirectly contribute to hair pulling.

Directly you can think of the hand coming towards your face or any place where you pull. This can be something you may be aware of at the time of pulling or not.

Indirectly you can think of beliefs as one example that may limit you to do what is right for you.

That may hold you back and contribute to feelings of tension or stress afterwards. Something I addressed in more detail in a previous blog post on the essence of overcoming Trichotillomania.

treatment of trichotillomania

Also, in the upcoming webinar we will discuss the importance of learning to control those subconscious patterns in more detail. And how you can actually start doing that.

Allowing you to discover that you probably have a lot of common with other people who join the webinar and pull out hair. And that the way you feel is very much related to the act of pulling out hair, but often at a much earlier stage.

During the webinar we will also discuss the manifestation process and how we 'do behavior' as humans. And the video above from Michael is just a great start to help you with that.

So remember, although thoughts can sometimes limit us and feel to be true, they are very subjective and often made up.

And the beautiful part is that we can train ourselves to choose thoughts that empower us over thoughts that weaken us.

Learning to live as what you desire is already a present fact. Which may sometimes seem like a contradiction, because our senses may try to tell us differently.
treatment of trichotillomaniaBut something that can work wonders once you start to train yourself to practically apply this into your life.

Or to quote Ludwig Wittgenstein in relation to treatment of trichotillomania. The doors for freedom open inwards.

With love and wishing you well!


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