How to stop hair pulling? Treatment for Trichotillomania provides cure with a guarantee. Blog post by mental coach & trainer learning people how to cure hair picking and get their life back.

Trichotillomania cureA topic which is on the minds of most people who are looking for a Trichotillomania cure is to know if something is wrong with them.

Because how is it possible when you suffer from Trichotillomania that you keep pulling out your hair when you consciously no longer want to do this?

That is why most people who suffer from compulsive hair pulling struggle with this, the perception that something is probably wrong with them.

But is this truly so? Or is this the result of a myth that has been self-created? Often as a result of trying to cure themselves of trichotillomania in isolation and a lack of information and great knowledge.

Knowledge about Trichotillomania (and cure of it) in general but more specifically how we actually create automatic behavioral processes as a human being and how to change them.

Before you learn to cure yourself from Trichotillomania this might be worthwhile to know!

Before you learn to cure yourself from Trichotillomania, this might be worthwhile to know! That Trichotillomania, or sometimes simply referred to as Trich or TTM, is something most people have seldom heard of when they are first confronted with the behavior.

That is not really a surprise, since almost everybody who came to us for help was ashamed for doing this behavior and hardly shared it with others (or just a few).

And sharing it with other people often only happened when they struggled once more to overcome it on their own and were once more paying the emotional and physical price of the negative results this behavior is causing.

So it is hardly any surprise that we seldom hear about it and are often surprised when the word is mentioned for the very first time.

´Trichowhat?` is a response that is often expressed by the person who discovers that there is a real name for his or her hair pulling behavior, or by the people surrounding them.

Trichotillomania cure: what´s in a word!

Trichotillomania cure implies learning you to take back control. See also related article: how quickly can effective treatment for Trichotillomania be provided?

But let´s first admit that when you are looking for Trichotillomania treatment that Trichotillomania actually does not exist at all.

It is only a name which we have given as mankind to a specific kind of  behavior. This is often one of the first things we tell people as soon as they enter our coaching practice.

`That you can never have Trichotillomania but that you only act in a certain way and would like to have more control and learn how to behave differently with better results`.

Because if it would exist, just give it to us and we will throw it out of the window to release you from it :)! Which will often result in the first laugh on the face of the person!

And laughing is wonderful, because it will activate substances (endorphins) in our body that empower us as human beings and make us feel good.

A wonderful foundation for personal growth and transformation.

With love & wishing you well – Rik

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