As soon as you register for our free Trichotillomania consultation session, you will learn about two things that I know are very important in life to achieve what we want.

They will be good for 80 % of your success in learning to overcome Trichotillomania. I like to tell you more about them in this new post.

Also, I like to share a truly inspiring story of someone who learned to overcome Trichotillomania after many years of struggle, who thought she had tried everything on this planet already and kind of had lost hope!

But luckily she learned to open herself up again, got help and finally overcome it. In the recording I will share for you below you can hear her about the insights she gained that can not only inspire you, but also shorten your timespan in achieving the same result.

80 % Of success in learning to overcome Trichotillomania is decided by ….

Showing up and completing what you started!!! That’s right, just showing up and completing what you started.

richotillomania treatment successNow as simple as this may sound, for a lot of people this is really a challenge. It also means that we sometimes need to open yourself up to the opportunity that presents itself and discover how something works by going for it.

Now when you suffer from Trichotillomania, this can sometimes be a challenge. Imagine you saw someone who helped you before and told you that they tried cognitive behavioral therapy on you. You really wanted to overcome the behavior, but for whatever the reason it did not work for you.

Let’s suppose, you tried two other people, same principle, also trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, and again you did not succeed.

Could it be that you can come to a conclusion that cognitive behavioral therapy is just not for you and will not work! Could be, right!

This is how we often do behavior as humans. We start to generalize. Not that we are always consciously aware of this, but after a couple of lousy experiences, that can happen.

Now the danger with this approach is that you can sell yourself short. It could stop you in your tracks in finding a solution and reach a status quo. You kind of want to, but don´t really take the necessary action anymore or to the extent that you could.

The way to get yourself out of this situation is to ask yourself if you could really say that this kind of approach will not work or could not work for you. Could it be that someone, anyone, out there in this world could help you! Have you met them all? Have you tried them all, worked with them all?

Could it be that two people trained in the same approach can achieve complete different results for the person who comes to see them. Of course, because this principle is true for everything. Think about two people who did the same kind of studies. One excels in life, the other fails miserable. Is it the studies? Of course not, it’s the person behind it.

trichotillomania treatment success One knows how to get it to work, maybe by adapting, continue learning, having a lot of experience and improving or his or her approach, whereas the other may become rigid and not really learn and improve at all. Just as an example. Could be, right. But it could mean all difference for you, depending who you would see when you need help!

Now stay with the example, because it is important to realize how this often plays out in our lives. Let’s image you saw the person who could not help you, and 10 years later you gave it another try and this time you completely overcame the behavior with the help of someone else. Now let’s also add that this person then explains that he or she is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Now suddenly you may come to the conclusion that this kind of support can and does work for you after all. You start to create a new kind of belief based on a very positive experience this time. But again, was it the approach or the person behind it that made the difference?

So the essence to achieving anything in your life is to keep moving in the direction of your desires, even if it are just small steps, and notice the victories. And keep your eye on the goal, where you want to end up!

This is true for everything you want to achieve or improve on in your life, including learning to overcome Trichotillomania.

But then you also need to show up during the moments that can help you and have an open mind to what is being offered. To look at it with a fresh pair of eyes, how challenging this sometimes can be after lousy experiences in the past.

Because when you do, you may discover something or someone that can suddenly help and free yourself and live your life to the fullest again.

A really inspiring story of someone who overcome Trichotillomania by applying this principle

trichotillomania inspirationSo here is a really inspiring story of someone who applied this principle.

It´s an interview with someone who had struggled for 18 years with this behavior and had pulled very intense on almost a daily basis during all that time.

But she kept on trying, even when she failed many times before, and finally she succeeded. This interview was more than a year later after she learned to overcome it.

In it she will share all the things she had already tried before that had not helped her. How she kept on trying and why she is now convinced that anybody who wants to can overcome this behavior with this approach.

You can request to listen to her inspiring story how she finally overcame Trichotillomania here >>

Also, if you have not done so, make sure to register for our free Trichotillomania consultation session.

Here is what Jolien had to say afterwards:

  • Jolien
    This session has helped me enormously. It made me realize what I had done wrong all those years trying to control this behavior (and failing constantly) and how to correct it.


    If you struggle with this behavior, plan this session and do everything they ask you to do.

    It has helped me quickly move towards freedom afterwards and I know it can do the same for you.


With love and wishing you well,


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