How to stop hair pulling? Treatment for Trichotillomania provides cure with a guarantee. Blog post by mental coach & trainer learning people how to cure hair picking and get their life back.

trichotillomania cureHow quickly can effective treatment for trichotillomania be provided? Or in other words: how quickly can you overcome compulsive hair pulling and does it make a difference for how long you have been pulling out your hair to overcome this type of behavior?

An interesting question for which it is probably difficult to give one answer that fits all. However, based on our own experience in helping people to improve the quality of their life, we can happily share ‘the essence of our truth’.

A truth that has already made a big difference in the life of many people we were allowed to assist. One that is solely based on what works to overcome self-destructive – compulsive forms of behavior like Trichotillomania instead of what may sound funny, interesting or popular to say!

Treatment for Trichotillomania implies learning to take more control over your behavior at 2 levels

The moment we start working with you to offer treatment for Trichotillomania, we always facilitate you to take more control over your behavior at 2 levels!

trichotillomania cure The first level is the level of behavior which is instigated by your conscious mind. The thought processes you are consciously aware of.

An example is answering the question what you are going to do today or why you are looking for treatment for trichotillomania? That level is often less interesting in terms of effectiveness, especially with forms of compulsive behavior like Trichotillomania.

Because then it would have simply worked to tell yourself that you have to stop with pulling out the hair from your head (and or other parts of your body).

However, that simply does not work with compulsive behavior, something you unquestionably already discovered yourself.

Trichotillomania treatment – what works effectively

What works as effective treatment for trichotillomania is to help you overcome the urge for pulling out your hair at the 2nd level, the level of behavior which is instigated by your unconscious mind.

That is the level where many automatic processes are managed that serve us as a human being so we can effectively function is society. For example: when you have to breath in or out, how you kind of walk automatically without having to think about which leg to put in front first, when you have to blush or when you have laugh spontaneously.

All are examples of behavior for which you yourself are fully responsible, although you might not participate in it as consciously as at the first level and it often seems that we have far less control than we sometimes want.

Take the simple example of blushing at an embarrassing moment and then quickly discovering that trying to stop it will often only make it worse.

Overcoming the elusive urge for pulling out your hair as treatment for trichotillomania

The second level with treatment for Trichotillomania and other forms of undesired – compulsive behavior is the level where the elusive urge to pull out your hair resides.

trichotillomania cureWhere often a form of a self-conditioned behavior is installed, a kind or automatic repeating pattern of behavioral steps that can easily be triggered by what happens outside of you. Quite likely without you even being consciously aware of it the moment it happens!

So the art for treating your Trichotillomania effectively is finding the solution on this 2nd level in a way that truly works for you.

Learning how to serve yourself in a better way through more effective behavior for all areas of your life.

Treatment for trichotillomania: irrelevant how long you have been pulling out your hair

When people find us who are looking for treatment for Trichotillomania, some believe that it will take long to change their behavior for the better. Especially when you have been pulling out your hair for a long period of time.

Nothing could be further from the truth! How long you have been a victim of your hair pulling behavior has nothing to do with overcoming Trichotillomania and changing your life for the better.

With the right level of inner motivation and the loving support of a qualified professional, change can happen relatively quickly.

Because it is at the level of your unconscious mind where you instigate this behavior and where the solution resides for alternative – more effective behavior – that works so much better for you.

Treating trichotillomania starts with acknowledging

trichotillomania cureThe first and often important step with treatment for Trichotillomania is to fully recognize and acknowledge your current behavior as something negative that you trully want to overcome.

Because what you fully recognize and take ownership of is something you can change, what you don’t unfortunately not!

If you need assistance for creating the right level of motivation, simply request our personal coaching questionnaire which very likely will help you to speed up this process and change your life for the better too.

With love & wishing you well – Rik

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