How to stop hair pulling? Treatment for Trichotillomania provides cure with a guarantee. Blog post by mental coach & trainer learning people how to cure hair picking and get their life back.

trichotillomania cureHaving worked with many people who were looking for treatment for trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling), the question that most people seem to struggle with is to find out if something is wrong with them.

Many of them belief this to be true and then unnecessarily suffer in silence. In my opinion you can only address what is. A powerful way to change your behaviour for the better is to share your story with others. With people you know will support you and have the best intentions at heart. Simple because when you search for treatment with more than one pair of eyes, changes are you will find what you are looking for a lot quicker :)!

Below you can watch the video with an inspiring story of a man who suffered in silence for years from what some call the hair pulling disease (trich). Have a look to see if it inspires you to start sharing your story with others.

Below the video is an outline of the things I marked out after looking at it. I have also made some personal remarks based on my experience of helping people with treatment for trichotillomania.

Things marked out Rik’s comment on experience of helping others overcome Trichotillomnia (Trich)
Feeling like you are the only person in the world. Very recognizable, seems always an issue for most people. Very likely caused by the next item.
Shamefully concealing it from the outside world. Definitely. Most people looking for treatment for Trichotillomania think something is wrong with them and shamefully hide it from the outside world. To me you are very ok when you suffer from compulsive hair pulling. :). That’s why I wrote the ebook called ‘I have trichotillomania, is something wrong with me?‘. For all those who unnecessarily suffer from Trichotillomania to start seeing this type of behaviour with new and empowering eyes (see Store for more details).
Having faith that cure / treatment for trichotillomania is possible really helps. Yes, very much agree with this. Without hope or motivation to overcome this, you won’t take the action to find what you are looking for.
Coming out / sharing your story can be an enormous inspiration for others. Yes, definitely. Too many people suffer unnecessarily from this in shame. The video’s that Stephanie kindly  recorded after overcoming Trichotillomania have been such an inspiration for others! And wonderful to hear from Gary Hemerburg how his story inspired a young boy.
When you share, most people will be positive with their reactions. Yes, and simply ignore those who won’t. The trick with anything in life you want to accomplish is to gather as much believers in your personal mission around you as possible. People who will support you to move ahead to where you want to get. Changes of you getting there are just a lot better than being surrounded by non believers who keep you from taking the necessary action :)!
Looking for the answer why you do pull out your hair or assuming why you do this by others does not really help. Yes, completely agree with this. A lot of women I helped (the majority of people suffering from trich are women) who were looking for treatment for  trichtillomania got similar unfounded and non supporting remarks from General Practitioners who had the best intentions but were not properly trained around human behaviour.
Unconditional love from parents really helps. Very much so. In my experience parents who have to deal with a child that suffers from Trichotillomania are in a lousy position. There is nothing more they want than helping their child with overcoming the urge for pulling out their hairs. But only when the child itself is motivated enough to wave this negative habit goodbye can healing be found within the child to start acting in a much better way.

Feel very much invited to leave a reply below on the things I marked out, the video or your own experience around Trichotillomania and treatment for it. Or anything you feel like sharing wrt Trichotillomania.

Best wishes – Rik

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